Antique edged weapons for sale including swords, daggers, knives, bayonets, sabres and others.  We focus mainly on hard to find and unique items and not that many mass produced antique edged weapons that can be found in many other places, unless we come across a great deal and pass on the savings to you.  This is usually when we buy stocks of military surplus bayonets and other gear and accessories.  From the Far East to the Middle East, Europe to the Americas, we hope that you will find your next antique edged weapon for your collection here at Mayer Antiques & Collectibles.

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Original US Rare M1905/06 Experimental Patton Saber by Ames Sword Co.

Original US 1905/1906 experimental saber by Ames Sword Company in Massachusetts.  The bird-head like grip allowed for a better grip especially while riding.  A.S. Co., ordnance bomb and 1906 on one side of the ricasso and US on the other side.  The grip is made of sharkskin with the wires wrapped around.  A bit of damage on the bottom of the grip where a small piece of sharkskin has been taken off.  The blade is in good condition with blemishes from age since this piece is more than 100 years old.  The scabbard is probably made of pig skin and has shrunk over time exposing the wooden pieces constructing the scabbard.  The fact that this sword comes with its scabbard is very rare.

Austrian Marine Naval Cutlass Sword Model 1858 by FS Jung

Austrian Marine Naval Cutlass Sword Model 1858 used mainly for marine naval warfare while boarding enemy ships.  The cutlass is easy and smooth to wield with a very good balance, suited for fighting in close quarters.  In Austria this cutlass sword was called “Entersabel” or “Bordsabel”.  Up until 1858 the Austrian Navy used French captured cutlasses and in 1858 ordered its original design which remained in service till 1904.   On ships it was used mostly as a working tool for general use thus the scabbards are missing on most pieces and are extremely rare. The sword has a thick and forward heavy pipeback blade, a basket guard as for this kind of weapon. Produced by FS Jung with a mark of a cross surrounded by four smaller crosses.  Dated 1858. No scabbard. Grips have damage but blade and the rest of the sword are in very good condition. Measurements 76 cm / 30 inches  

Royal Company of Archers Long Sword By Skinner & Co.

Rare Royal Company of Archers long sword from the 19th century carried by the Queen’s Body Guards for Scotland.  Straight double edged blade, etched with floral decoration and marked Skinner & Co. Jermyn St. London.  Ornate golden gilt cross guard decorated with floral design.  Original scabbard with floral design fittings.  This Royal Company of Archers long sword is in very good condition with minor blemishes as a result of its age. Measurements Total length with scabbard: 67.5 cm / 26.5 inches Total length of sword: 64.5 cm / 25.3 inches

Spanish Hunting Spear Knife Made in Toledo

A beautiful and rare Spanish Mountain Hunting Knife (Cuchillo de Monteria) or dagger in very good condition WITH it's elaborate scabbard, making it an even rarer find! This Spanish hunting knife has a spearpoint, or leaf, shaped double edged blade and central spine.  The blade has been etched, on both sides, with very intricate hunting scenes where a man with a rifle can be seen tracking and shooting game with his dog and bordered with foliage and arabesques decorations. The ricasso is marked FAB ca DE TOLEDO close to the S shaped steel crossguard.  The handle is made of a slightly curved section of red deer antler.  The scabbard is made of leather with silver fitting and also etched with intricate detailed decorations and of animals such as deer, hunting dogs and rabbits. This is a beautiful and rare Spanish hunting knife dated to the mid 18th century that is very hard to find with its original scabbard.

Original Rare Spanish M1858 Artillery Bayonet Made in Toledo Dated 1864

Original and rare Spanish machete-bayonet for artilleryman and engineering soldier, model 1858, made in Toledo in 1864.  This M1858 Spanish bayonet is in very good to excellent condition and is considered one of the rarest machete bayonets in the world.  The hilt is made of brass and on the pommel a bomb with flames is clearly viewed.  The blade is clean and shiny and in excellent condition for its age with small blemishes.  The ricasso shows the year of manufacturing AÑO DE 1864 engraved on one side. On the other side FABRICA DE TOLEDO (made in Toledo).  Serial number 1284 on the upper grip near the guard.  Unique among Spanish bayonets, and perhaps unique in the world, this Spanish M1858 pattern featured a socket and locking ring mounted on the guard of the bayonet itself to fit the Berdan Artillery & Engineer Short Rifle M1858/67 (Carabina para Artilleria e Ingenieros Modelo 1867). Measurements: Full length: 57 cm. Length of blade: 43.5 cm.

World War Two Italian Fascist M1937 MVSN Officers Dagger

World War Two Italian Fascist M1937 MVSN/PNF Officers Dagger.  These daggers were worn by officers of both the MVSN (Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale AKA the Blackshirts) and the PNF (Partito Nazionale Fascista), This was the first of the two types of chained hangers for this model of dagger, in 1939 the M chain would be replaced with leather hangers. This dagger is in excellent condition, the eagle head bakelite grip plates are without chips or scratches, and the scabbard is with almost all of its original paint.  The fitting on the grip clearly show the fasces (bundling wooden rods and a single-bladed axe with leather straps) which represented punishment in ancient Rome.  The nickel plated blade is in excellent condition as well with very little spots as can be seen in the pics.  The chain link hanger is with the iconic Roman eagle and the SPQR (Senātus Populusque Rōmānus in Latin, the Senate and People of Rome in English).

Al Mar Special Forces Knife Model SERE 3007

Al Mar US Special Forces knife SERE 3007 model.  SERE is the military abbreviation for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape training program that every Special Forces soldier needs to pass.  The training is also for pilots, CIA operatives and other military personnel who are assigned to high risk missions.  The knife is in excellent condition with a clearly marked bolster with ''De Oppresso Liber'' Special Forces logo. Includes the black nylon Cardura Eagle USA sheath and sharpening stone.  Made in Seki, Japan.

Russian 1827 Pattern Pioneer Troops Sawback Sword

Original Czarist Imperial Model 1827 Pioneer Sawback sword.  These were the standard sidearm sword for Russian Pioneer Troops during this period.  Marked 1832 with various proof marks.  Blade is with serrated sawback and curved blade with cutlass blood groove.  This sword does not come with the scabbard.

Kriegsmarine U-Boat Set

A Nazi German Kriegsmarine set which includes the following:
1. U-Boat officer or captain's wrist watch, signed in the back in the original box.
2. Nazi Naval dagger, seems to be 1st model, by Alcoso (Alexander Coppel) Solingen.
3. Plaque of U-Boat signed in the back Blohm & Voss Hamburg (A factory that made U-boats and other navy vessels, operational today as well).
A rare set to find all of these together and in this condition.

Original Israeli Dustar Knives Model 1 Arad

These original Israeli Dustar knives are of Model 1 Arad, the first models to be produced by Alex Shamgar and Meir Aziz.  The Dustar knives are made of D2 steel - RC 56-57 making them relatively easy to sharpen.  The Israeli Dustar knives that we have available are of a limited edition made for some of the most elite military units in the IDF: Sayeret Matkal Dustar knife - The IDF's elite special reconnaissance unit, modeled after the British SAS and the US Delta Force. SOLD OUT Shayetet 13 Dustar knife - The IDF's elite navy special forces unit, comparable to the US Navy SEALS and the British Special Boat Service.  SOLD OUT Sayeret Tzanhanim Dustar knife - Paratrooper special reconnaissance unit - 3 pieces left Sayeret Rimon Dustar knife - A commando unit specializing in anti-terrorist activities in the Gaza strip and surrounding areas - 3 pieces left Agaf Hamivtzaim Matkal - Operations Directorate of the Chief of Staff - 3 pieces Each original Israeli Dustar knife comes with a leather and Kydex scabbard. When ordering please mention which one of these four types you would like. Each knife is numbered on its spine.  These are not the commercial Dustar knives but rather a very limited production to some of Israel's military special units given as commemorative gifts for end of service or finishing courses.  These are not military issue. Dustar knives are no longer produced and so all of these are super rare!   Dimensions Total length without scabbard: 30 cm / 11.81 inches Total length with kydex scabbard: 37 cm / 14.56 inches Total length with leather scabbard: 34.5 cm / 13.58 inches

Headhunter Mandau Knife Set Of Dayak People Indonesia

This unique tribal weapon is a headhunter's mandau knife set made and used by the Dayak people living in Borneo (Kalimantan in Indonesian), Indonesia.  This mandau knife was used in the headhunting ceremony, where after tribes attached other tribes, they gathered the heads of their enemies to be used in various festivities.  The Mandau knife is both a work of art in itself and a weapon. It consists of a long knife with a dear horn for the handle which is carved ornately and strands of hair (human?).  The scabbard is made of two pieces of wood bound together with rattan and other natural vegetation.  The smaller knife fitted to a long wooden stick which is also decorated, was used to take out the brain out of the skull and other soft tissue of the head as well as sharpening, carving and other general use. Dimensions Total length in scabbard: 61 cm/24 inches Sword: 53 cm/20.8 inches Knife: 41 cm/16.14 inches

Antique Polish Hunting Knives Set

Antique Polish hunting knives set of a long dagger and short knife both with horn handles, probably deer antlers. The ornate leather scabbard is with the initials A.S with a royal crown above.  The handle of the long dagger is with monogram initials on the pommel.  The ricasso is marked L. Knapinski, Krakow. Dimensions: Total length: 49 cm/19.29 inches Length of dagger: 44.2 cm/17.4 inches Length of knife: 27 cm/10.62 inches