Military surplus and collectibles of military memorabilia, personal gear such as optics and mounts, gun parts, military surplus bayonets, and others. Military surplus and collectibles for sale.

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Leapers UTG Model LT-TL101 Tactical Flashlight with Mount and Cable

Leapers UTG model LT-TL101 tactical flashlight with integral rifle mount and PTT cable remote pressure on/off switch. This is a discontinued item by the manufacturer and is very difficult to find in the quantities that we have available. Batteries may not work. Dealer specials are available for the purchase of all 50 pieces or all current inventory. Features:
  • UTG Tactical Weapon-mount Xenon Tactical Flashlight
  • Twist-on and Remote Pressure Switch Triple on/off System
  • Fully Adjustable from Flood-to-spot Focus
  • Integral Mounting Deck
  • Brand: Leapers UTG
  • Model: LT-TL101
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Flashlight Bulb Type: 6V Xenon Light Bulb
  • Flashlight Voltage(V): 6
  • Flashlight Max. Lumen(Lumens): 95
  • Flashlight Battery Operating Time: 70 minutes
  • Switch Operating Type: Push-button Momentary/Twist-on Permanent Switch
  • Flashlight Focus: Adjustable
  • Battery Type: CR123A Lithium Battery X 2
  • Pressure Switch Included: Yes
  • Weight with Battery: 8.3 oz / 235 gr
  • Length: 4.8" / 12.2 cm
  • Color: Black

British Tottenham Metropolitan Police War Reserve Set

British Tottenham Metropolitan Police War reserve set of a police whistle and a police club with authenticity papers stating that these belonged to William Frederick Sydenham from 1st of September 1939 to 21st July 1940.

Israeli Military M15 Gas Masks

Israeli military M15 gas masks - Israeli military surplus M15 gas masks with the distinctive triangular eye lenses.  These Israeli M15 gas masks come with the type 80 NBC filter canister and drinking tube, all originally wrapped and sealed.  The filters would last approximately 8 hours in an NBC contaminated environment when they were new and before expiration.  It includes an integrated speech diaphragm as well as a side voice emitter to talk effectively with a phone.  The drinking tube attachment to the included straw which connects to a canteen.  The M15 gas mask is fully adjustable with five elastic straps that connect to a head harness for ultimate protection and comfort.  The triangular lenses are made out of impact-resistant plastic and are compatible with prescription lenses using a frame mount assembly. These are genuine issued Israeli military M15 gas masks but we do not take any responsibility for their performance since these are surplus gas masks.  We are selling these as purely novelty and collectible militaria items. NO SALE TO INDIVIDUALS, BUSINESSES ONLY! FOR WHOLESALERS PLEASE CLICK ON WHOLESALE ISRAELI M15 GAS MASKS

US Army WW2 M2 First Aid Kit Pouch

This is a lot of 11 US Army WW2 M2 jungle first aid kit pouches marked as made by Arakelian Co. 1945.  They are all in military surplus very good to excellent condition.  All are complete with the inner six compartments for insect repellant, foot treatments, Carlisle bandage, water purification tablets, aspirin, and other items suitable for the tropical environment.  The back of the pouch is with a loop for inserting the belt and M1910 loops for connecting to webbing.  These M2 jungle first aid pouches were used by US Army and Marine troops in the combat areas in the Pacific towards the end of World War 2 and later in the Korean War and Vietnam.  It was not issued to the troops fighting in Europe. This lot of 11 units of US Army M2 jungle first aid kit pouches is great for collectors of US military gear as well as reenactors looking for genuine items.

Original U.S. WWII M2 Browning Tripod For M1919A4 Machine Gun


M2 Browning Tripod Mount

Original WW2 U.S. military issue M2 Browning tripod with original U.S. military issue T&E and original U.S. military issue pintle for the M1919 0.30 caliber machine gun.  These original M2 tripod is from Israeli military surplus, probably given by the US to the IDF probably during the 1960's and 1970's.  Some of these have very low serial numbers. These M2 Browning tripod features a brass socket for the pintle and fully functional legs, cross bar and welded feet. It is complete, functional and in good condition. The pintle comes complete with the cross pin and castle nut, with cotter pin still installed.  The pintle and T&E are still wrapped in their original papers. These Israeli military surplus U.S. M2 tripods are available from a variety of manufacturers such as: Appliance Mfg Co. , Lovel Mfg Co. and others. Shipping cost to the US by EMS is about $200 for each item.  This will include a tracking number and insurance.  Shipping will be charged separately after receiving the order.  Shipping available worldwide.

WWII Imperial Japanese Naval Officer’s Dirk

WWII Imperial Japanese Naval officer dirk of early 1883 pattern. These dirks were worn by all Navy commissioned officers.  This example is of later wartime construction with machine made blade, no Habaki or lock mechanism and a grip with double brass wire wrapped over imitation ray skin (the early dirks had real shark or ray skin).  The grip has the brass cherry blossom flower menuki mon symbolizing the emperor on both sides securing the mekugi (the small wooden peg that holds the grip to the blade hilt).  The saya (scabbard) is wood covered in leather with a decorative seam down the reverse.  The pommel is nicely ornate and the cross guard is wave shaped. This late WWII Imperial Japanese Naval officer dirk is in good condition and shows regular age wear.  

Israeli Military Surplus M7 Bayonet With M8A1 Scabbard

Israeli military surplus Imperial M7 bayonet with M8A1 scabbard in very good condition for sale.  On the guard a צ is marked indicating Israeli military together with Imperial which manufactured these. Shipping cost to the USA by regular mail is about $45 for each item, EMS is about $60 including a tracking number and insurance.  Shipping will be charged separately after receiving the order.  Shipping available worldwide.

M7 Bayonets With M8A1 Scabbards

Original US M7 bayonets with M8A1 scabbards from the Vietnam War era from military surplus in very good to excellent condition.  These are all in very good to excellent condition.  Most of the other sites that offer these military surplus bayonets have them in very used condition.  Available are Imperial BOC manufactured US M7 bayonets. Shipping cost to the USA by regular mail is about $45 for each item, EMS is about $60 including a tracking number and insurance.  Shipping will be charged separately after receiving the order.  Shipping available worldwide.

Small Caliber Ammunition Identification Display Plaque


A beautiful, professional and diverse small caliber ammunition identification display plaque featuring popular NATO and Russian calibers, rarely seen in one display.  The ammunition displayed is all real and has been demiled by a professional armorer.  Due to some regulations the original incendiary bullets can't be exported and so a replicated incendiary round has been made for each caliber.  This ammo display plaque can be used by defense companies for exhibitions or marketing presentations, military and law enforcement units for educational purposes, gun stores for display, and for shooting enthusiasts and mancave design ideas.  Each round has a small description for it.

This small caliber ammunition display plaque features the following calibers:
  • 5.45mm x 18 PSM Ball
  • 7.62mm x 25 Tokarev Ball
  • 9mm x 18 Makarov Ball
  • FN 5.7mm x 28 SS190 Ball
  • 9mm x 19 Ball
  • 9mm x 19 CBAP
  • AP Mk2 x 2
  • 5.45mm x 45 PS Ball
  • 5.45mm x 45 PP (7N10) Ball
  • 7.62mm x 39 PS Ball
  • 7.62mm x 39 SKE AP
  • 7.62mm x 39 Type 56 API
  • 7.62mm x 39 BZ API x 2
  • .357" SIG Ball
  • .357" Mag Ball
  • .357" Mag Metal Piercing
  • .40" S&W Ball
  • .44" Mag Ball
  • 7.62mm x 54 LPS Ball
  • 7.62mm x 54 B-32 API
  • 7.62mm x 54 ZP IT
  • 5.56mm x 45 M193 Ball
  • 5.56mm x 45 SS109/M855/L21A1 Ball
  • 5.56mm x 45 APHC
  • 5.56mm x 45 L2A2 APHC
  • 7.62mm x 51 M80 Ball
  • 7.62mm x 51 M61 AP
  • 7.62mm x 51 P80 AP
  • 7.62mm x 51 APHC
  • 7.62mm x 51 P186 API
  • .30"-06 AP-M2
  • .338" Lapua Mag Ball
  • 12.7mm x 99/.50" Browning AP
  • 12.7mm x 108 B-32 API
  • 12.7mm x 108 BS APIHC
  • 12.7mm x 108 BZT-44 APIT
  • 14.5mm x 115 B-32 API
  • 14.5mm x 114 BZT-44 APIT
  • 14.5mm x 114 BS41 APIHC
This is one of the most comprehensive small ammunition identification display plaques in the market.  Purchase it today!

FN MAG 58 Trilux Scope Side Mount

Trilux Scope Side Mount for the Belgian made FN MAG 58 general purpose machine gun.