Israel has been a country in which a large variety of firearms have been brought into over the decades and an even more produced and exported, hence the Israeli military surplus antiques and collectibles have a large spectrum of items for sale. From its revival in the late 19th century, weapons have always been a part of life for Jews coming from around the world back to their homeland since the local Arab population regarded this as a threat. Having a sword, dagger or other antique edged weapons tucked in the belt was not an uncommon sight in those days since gun ownership was banned for Jews under the rule of the Ottoman empire at the time. During the First World War more firearms and ammunition were brought in illegally to the hand of Jews by the British in order to fight the Ottomans from within the country, and so Lee Enfield rifles and Webley revolvers were first used. As World War One ended with the defeat of the Ottoman empire by the British empire, Jews were now under a new sovereign, also banning Jews in most cases from owning a rife or pistol. During the Arab Revolt 1936-1939 in which British forces and Jewish town were attacked by well armed Arab militias, two notable Jewish armed forces were established: the Notrim unit which was a police force aimed at protecting Jewish towns and property and most notably armed with the British Greener Gaffer Police Gun 14 gauge shotguns. The second force was the Special Night Squads led by the British Captain Orde Wingate tasked to defend the Iraq Petroleum Company pipeline, which was frequently attacked by Arab insurgents and they also raided known insurgent bases in a guerilla mode of operations. The Special Night Squads were equipped with modern firearms such as Enfield revolvers, Lee Enfield rifles, Lewis Machine Guns and German and other European bolt action rifles captured from the Arab forces. Many of those weapons were later stolen from British Army bases by the Jewish underground militias such as the Haganah, Etzel and Lehi to fight the British for the end of the mandate and Israel’s independence once again after 2000 years.

The years of World War Two and after saw a huge increase in arms smuggling into Israel from Europe under the British rule. The main influx came in early 1948 when thousands of Mauser K98 rifles were smuggled from Czechoslovakia as well as German MG34 machine guns and hundreds of thousands of rounds. Later on Bren machine guns, Sten, Lancaster and Sterling sub-machine guns, American Thompson SMGs, Garand, M1 and M2 rifles and many more. These military surplus firearms were used by the newly formed Israel Defense Forces in the 1948 War of Independence and in later wars. The IDF has used German K98 Mauser rifles up until the early 1970’s, mostly for basic training in the later years. It was also quite common in the 1940’s up to the 1960’s to see police and civilians armed with Luger P08 and P38 pistols with Nazi proof marks.

Starting from the early 1960’s Israel has decided to be independent in its production of arms and ammunition, a decision which would make Israel one of the leading producers in the world. The Uzi sub-machine gun, the Galil rifle, the Israeli FN FAL modified rifle, later on the IMI and IWI Tavor assault rifle, Bul pistols, Emtan M4 assault rifles and many others have contributed to Israel’s dominance in firearms production of high quality and battle proven weapons respected worldwide.

Israeli military surplus firearms stocks of antique and collectible guns in practically finished. Most of the Uzis and Galils have been cut up into parts kits for the US civilian market. The K98 Mauser rifles have been sold out during the late 1980’s to 1990’s, also mostly to the US civilian market but also to Europe. The same goes for British, Czech, German and also American machine guns that are no longer in IDF use. Military surplus firearms inventories worldwide are decreasing due to their high demand with collectors and some third world armies seeking to purchase cheap firearms that are still operational.

We offer here a variety of Israeli military surplus antiques and collectibles among such as:

IDF Mauser SP66 Mount and Kahles ZF95 Scope Set

Israeli military surplus Nimrod 10×40 Rifle Scope

Israeli military surplus Kahles/Photonic ZF95 6×42 Rifle Scope With M14 Mount

Israeli military surplus Original U.S. WWII M2 Browning Tripod For M1919A4 Machine Gun

Israeli military surplus Fujinon Meibo 14X70 Field Binoculars

Israeli Military Surplus M7 Bayonet With M8A1 Scabbard

Rare Israeli Uzi Bayonets By IMI

Israeli military surplus Stereoscope For Aerial Photography By Huet Paris

Israeli military surplus Ortech Tactical Flashlights with Mounts and PTT Wires

Israeli Military Surplus Prismatic Oil Liquid Compass By Goldberg

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