World War One was considered at the time “the war to end all wars” since it was so extensive, involving for the first time in history so many armies and fighting in multiple territories in mostly Europe and the Middle East but also Africa, the Pacific Islands, China, Indian Ocean, North and South Atlantic Ocean . From 1914 to 1918 over 70 million military personnel were mobilized to fight the war resulting in about 8.5 million soldier deaths and 13 million civilian deaths worldwide. The fighting sides were the Allied powers against the Central powers, the allied powers were headed mainly by the France and Britain, the Russian empire, Belgium, Japan, Greece, Serbia and later on the US and others, and the Central powers headed by Germany, the Ottoman empire, Austro-Hungarian empire and Bulgaria. The end of the war on the 11th hour of the 11th day of November 1918 would redraw the borders in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires crumbled.

Like many other wars and conflicts, the era produced many beautiful collectibles and artifacts, from weapons and medals to plaques, uniforms, helmets and other personal items. World War One militaria items are highly collectible and are getting even more scarce as most are in the hands of collectors and dealers, not to be found as much in the general antiques market.

Mayer Antiques & Collectibles has a few First World War militaria items for sale that are special and unique, some might be one of a kind museum quality pieces.

French World War One Commemorative Plaque

Ottoman Artillery Cannon Brass Coat of Arms

November 4th WW1 Memorial Plaque By Egidio Boninsegna

World War One Trench Art Knives Set

Battle of Mulhouse & Alsace Liberation WW1 Plaques

South African Memorial Plaque

German Cross Picture Frame WW1

Schwarzlose Machine Gun Crew Plaque

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