The antiques and collectibles that we offer are focused mostly on militaria items, antique edged weapons such as swords, knives, bayonets, daggers and others, sculptures and statues, military surplus optics and other hard to find items for the beginner and long time collector.

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A Wooden Two Headed Horse Hanger

A wooden two headed horse hanger perfect for hanging horse riding gear and other equestrian equipment.  The heads are beautifully carved and the hanger in the center is large.  This can be used for hanging horse reins, stirrups, bridles, helmet and other relatively light equestrian gear.  It is also great for any horse lover to have in his home or room. Dimensions: Height: 40 cm / 15.74 inches Width: 29.5 cm / 11.6 inches Depth: 21 cm / 8.26 inches

Hans Muller Bronze Sculpture Madonna And Jesus Child

Hans Muller (Austrian 1873-1937) bronze sculpture of the Madonna and Jesus Child (Maria mit dem Jesuskind), signed on the back and on a marble base.  The small plaque on the base reads: To Rev. Kieran P. Moran C.M, S.T.D Who for 15 years made such generous And unselfish use of his God-given Talents in the interest  Of the Central Association Of the Miraculous Medal Silver Jubilee March 1940 From: Father Skelly    

רמקול כלימגור בלוטות’ ייחודי ואיכותי


רמקול בצורת כלימגור ייחודי ואיכותי עם רמת סאונד מדהימה ובנייה מצויינת.

הכלימגור המקורי הוא מוקש נגד אדם שפותח בבריה"מ והיה ועודנו בשימוש ארגוני טרור רבים ברחבי העולם.  רמקולי הכלימגור הופכים את כלי הנשק האלה מקטלניים לרמקולים מעולים והשמעת מוזיקה בכל מצב.  הכיתוב המפורסם של Front Towards Enemy הוחלף ב Front Towards Party.

הפעלה קלה ונוחה.  הברגים ששימשו להידוק תיל הם עכשיו לחצני ווליום לעוצמת הצליל.  הרגליות ניפתחות כמעט כמו במוקש המקורי.  הכל עשוי לפרטי פרטים בשביל נראות איכותית הדומה למקור וצליל מעולה.

מתנה מושלמת לכל חייל סדיר ומילואים, אוהבי ציוד צבאי, יוצאי יחידות מיקוש כגון הנדסה קרבית ועוד.

להשיג כאן בלבד בארץ!  המלאי מוגבל!

Russian Bronze Plaque of Two Fighting Knights

Russian bronze relief plaque of two fighting knights with the writing: "Whoever enters the sword with us, will perish by the sword! (Alexander Nevsky)". The scene seems to be of a Russian knight on horseback that has defeated a Western knight by killing him with his spear. 20th century.  Original label on the back. Dimensions  Height: 56 cm Width: 28 cm Weight: 840 gr

French Bronze WW1 Era Picture Frame

French bronze WW1 era picture frame used to frame a photo of a war hero that came back home or died in the Great War. The bronze frame is with the heading souviens-toi (Remember) 1914, 1915, 1916. On the left a woman with a child holding a sword, possibly depicting the French ideal of liberty and the new generation of French. On the right a sword and a rifle, most possibly a Lebel Model 1886. The frame is signed by the artist Dimensions Height: 19 cm Width: 24 cm Weight: 840 gr

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Steel Sculptures By Roli

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza from the famous Spanish epic novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes. The sculptures of the two are made in a cubistic style and date to probably the 1920's to early 1930's. A very unique piece of art of the timeless tale of the mad knight and his squire. Signed by Roli. Dimensions  Don Quixote Height (from top of lance to base): 24 cm Length: 10 cm Width: 5 cm Sancho Panza Height: 12 cm Length: 8.5 cm Width: 5 cm

Michelangelo’s David Protome Brass and Bronze Inkwell

Michelangelo's David protome brass and bronze double inkwell presented to the British Royal Engineers Captain J.H. Mousley. The double inkwell is made of brass and the David protome is made of blackened bronze.  One of the glass cups in a bit chipped. Captain John Harold Mousley of the British Royal Engineers was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for his actions in combat. Dimensions Height: 14 cm Length: 28 cm Width: 15 cm Weight: 2.18 Kg  

Antique Blackened Bronze Centerpiece

An antique blackened bronze centerpiece probably British from the mid 19th century in the baroque style with a child and mythological faun figures around.  The child on the top of the centerpiece is holding what seems to be an anvil or shield.  The three mythological fauns, half man half goat creatures, are holding the center cup.  Very ornate and highly decorative. Dimensions Height: 28 cm Width (base): 17 x 17 cm Weight: 3.4 Kg

Central Medallion From The Milton Shield

A fantastic reproduction of the central medallion of the Milton Shield depicting the archangel Raphael recounting to Adam and Eve the defeat of the rebel angels as they sit in the garden of Eden.  The relief is very elaborate, beautifully showing the bodies of Raphael, Adam and Eve and the surrounding vegetation around them of the garden of Eden.  Bronze with a wooden frame and small plaque with the artworks info.  The original Milton Shield was made by Leonard Morel-Ladeuil for Elkington & Co. of Birmingham.  The shield is illustrated with scenes from from Milton's Paradise Lost.  The original shield became one of the most celebrated pieces shown at the Paris Exhibition of 1867. Dimensions Frame: 42 cm Plate: 24.5 cm Weight: 1.9 Kg

Bell Commemorating The Scuttling of the WW1 German Fleet

A bronze silver plated bell commemorating the scuttling of the WW1 German fleet at Scapa Flow off the Scotland shore.  Rear German Admiral von Reuter, command of the fleet, ordered his soldiers to deliberately sink all ships rather then have the Allies use them on 21 June 1919.  His crews opened seacocks, torpedo tubes and portholes on the ships to flood them and once again hoisted their flags of the Imperial German Navy. The bell is engraved with the German iron cross and the words: The lord of hosts is with us (psalms 46:7). The full incident can be read at the Imperial War Museum website. Dimensions Height: 22cm Length: 29cm Width: 13cm Weight: 1.66Kg

Jurassic World T-Rex Skeleton Bronze Sculpture By Tongshifu

Jurassic World T-Rex Skeleton Bronze Sculpture By Tongshifu USC LLC and Amblin.  Limited edition number 079 of 999 copies. Tyrannosaurus rex bronze skeleton sculpture presented by the Jurassic World movie franchise and made by Tongshifu in a limited addition. Dimensions Height: 26cm Length: 45cm Width: 7.5cm Weight: 2.24 Kg  

Antique Pair Bronze Classical Ladies Sculptures

A pair of antique sculptures of classical style ladies sitting on an alter or similar construction. One of the ladies is holding a short sword and the other has a snake wrapped around her arm. Both women have unsimilar tiara crowns and are wearing a tunic style dress reminiscent of the Roman period. A beautiful bronze with gold wash pair of sculptures probably displayed on a fireplace mantle or on two separate columns near an entrance. Dimensions Height: 39cm Width base: 16x16cm Weight: 13.6Kg (together)