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US Army WW2 M2 First Aid Kit Pouch

This is a lot of 11 US Army WW2 M2 jungle first aid kit pouches marked as made by Arakelian Co. 1945.  They are all in military surplus very good to excellent condition.  All are complete with the inner six compartments for insect repellant, foot treatments, Carlisle bandage, water purification tablets, aspirin, and other items suitable for the tropical environment.  The back of the pouch is with a loop for inserting the belt and M1910 loops for connecting to webbing.  These M2 jungle first aid pouches were used by US Army and Marine troops in the combat areas in the Pacific towards the end of World War 2 and later in the Korean War and Vietnam.  It was not issued to the troops fighting in Europe. This lot of 11 units of US Army M2 jungle first aid kit pouches is great for collectors of US military gear as well as reenactors looking for genuine items.