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WW2 Theatre Knife

Genuine WW2 Theatre knife, possibly British with a bowie type blade and tang wrapped with a cord and glued with a kind of resin.  Theatre knives are a type of trench art fighting knives made for battle from parts of artillery shrapnel, downed plane parts, exploded armored vehicles and what ever metal and steel can be found around the battle field. This theatre knife is probably from World War 2, most likely British due to the motto on the blade "Your Courage Will Bring Us Victory".  The tip of the pommel has a crown and the initials GP. The scabbard is made of canvas and looks like it was used in Israel due to the Hebrew name written behind it which is barely readable רון כרמי (Ron Carmi). Dimensions Length with scabbard: 29.5 cm Length without scabbard: 28 cm