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Warsaw Ghetto By Kenneth Treister

Warsaw Ghetto is a cast bronze brutalist style sculpture by Kenneth Treister, architect of the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach in Florida.  The sculpture is a depiction of the famous photograph in which the last surviving Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising were taken out of a bunker and surrendered to the Nazi troops.  The Warsaw Ghetto uprising occurred from the 19th of April to the 16th of May 1943, in which about 13,000 Jews were killed and German casualties were 150.  The photograph has been one of the most iconic depicting the Holocaust and one of the most influential in the 20th century. This Warsaw Ghetto sculpture by Kenneth Treister is of the first and original batch of bronze plaques signed in the back and is 122/150 made on August 1969. Length: 19 cm (7.48 inches) Height: 12 cm (4.72 inches) Weight: 1.9 Kg (4.18 lbs)