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British War Savings Campaign Plaque Set

A set of two British War Savings Campaign plaques of the larger size of 57x33cm, one of Salute The Soldier Week 1944 and Wings For Victory Week 1943.  These are very rarely sold together as a set, in this size and this condition.  The plaques were made by De La Rue Plastics of molded Urea Formaldehyde / White Bakelite.  De Le Rue plastics company of Walthamstow London made the War Savings Campaign plaques for the War Office, and were presented to organizations and various other groups in recognition of efforts made to War Savings once attained certain savings targets. They were not awarded to individuals, so could often be seen displayed in village halls / offices, and community buildings.  The aim was to sponsor military equipment by the homefront civilian community.  Each county was set a target of money to raise and local civic leaders were presented with plaques as a reward for the fund raising efforts. The first plaque is the For Freedom - Salute The Soldier Week of 1944 featuring a British infantry soldier holding his Lee Enfield rifle with mounted bayonet showing explosions and aircraft in the background going to battle.  These were presented by the War Office. The second plaque is the Per Ardua Ad Astra - Wings For Victory Week of 1943 presented by the Air Ministry.  Per Ardua Ad Astra is a Latin phrase meaning "through adversity to the stars" which is the moto of the Royal Air Force.  This plaque features a winged warrior fighting a three-headed monster representing the enemy Axis Powers of Germany, Italy and Japan.  Below that the letter V (for Victory) is shown 5 times in Morse code. Both plaques are in excellent condition!