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British Brass and Cast Iron Dragon Cannon

A cast brass British Victorian style era cannon with a cast iron carriage decorated with dragons on both sides.  This is a decorative brass cannon that will suit any home, office or man cave giving it a militaria feel and a definite conversation piece.  Vintage British brass and cast iron dragon cannon for sale. Dimensions Overall length: 45 cm/17.7 inches Width: 15 cm/5.9 inches Height: 22 cm/8.6 inches Weight: 10.5 Kg/23 lbs

British Navy Signal Cannon

Vintage British Navy signal cannon with wooden carriage.  This cast steel cannon is a beautiful replica of British Navy signal cannons that were used on ships and ports for various purposes.  It is a large and heavy naval cannon that judging from its construction can probably fire if inspected by a professional and used properly with all safety precautions in place. Dimensions Overall length: 55 cm/21.65 inches Width: 22 cm/8.66 inches Height: 35 cm/13.77 inches Weight: 11.3 Kg/24.9 lbs.      

Vintage Decorative Spanish Brass Cannon

Vintage decorative Spanish brass cannon Artilleria Imperial Carlos I model with wooden carriage, moving wheels, and metal fittings.  The cannon itself is made of brass and has nice decorations on it including the royal Spanish crest. Dimensions Overall length (cannon + carriage): 80 cm/31.5 inches Width: 40 cm/15.75 inches Height: 40 cm/15.75 inches Weight: 9.3 Kg/20.5 lbs.