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British Royal Infantry Officer’s Sword Pattern 1822

This is a rare British 1822 pattern sword from the short reign of King George IV (1820-1830) as can be seen in the royal emblem on the guard.  It is made with the distinctive Gothic hilt with fold down guard and a grip of fishskin wrapped with brass twisted wire.  These swords tend to be more delicate than other models with the folding down guard usually broken or missing.  The maker, Salter was the main sword manufacturer of that time, the blade etched with King George the Forth's emblem or crest.  This is one of the earliest pattern 1822 swords. This British royal infantry officer’s sword pattern 1822 from the reign of King George IV is in overall good condition with a slightly stained blade and in tact leather scabbard. Dimensions: With scabbard: 107.5 cm (42.32 inches) Without scabbard: 96 cm (37.80 inches)