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German World War One Trench Art Knife

A German World War One trench art knife or letter opener made of an artillery round fragment.  A German cross on the ricasso and the handle is showing a small section of the artillery rounds driving band. Length: 15.5 cm (6.10 inches)

American World War One Trench Art Knife

An American trench art knife or letter opener from World War 1 made of a metal fragment, probably from an artillery round.  The US entered the First World War three years after it began and declared war officially on April 6th, 1917.  This American trench art knife has the following writing on its blade: "Kill The German To Keep Our Freedom". Length: 21.5 cm (8.46 inches)

British Trench Art Knife From The First World War

A British trench art knife from the first World War made of a metal fragment, probably an artillery round.  The blade has the inscription: "Souvenir The Great War/ J. Ross / 1914 - 1918".  A very nice work made of a solid piece of metal. Length: 30 cm (11.80 inches)

Trench Art Knife From WW1 1914

A trench art knife or letter opener made in 1914 probably during the siege of the fortified city of Namur in Belgium between August 20-25, 1914, when German and Austro-Hungarian forces fought and defeated the defending Belgium and French forces.  Like many other trench art items this knife is made of an artillery shell fragment which can be seen from the ridges in the handle.  On one side of the ricasso "1914" is etched and on the other side "Namur" is etched, hence associating this trench art knife to the time period of the siege. The knife length is 17 cm (6.70 inches).

German Trench Art WW1 Knife

A German trench art WW1 knife made by a soldier from a shell fragment of an artillery round showing a small section of the copper driving band.  The trench art knives in which the artillery shell copper driving band has been incorporated in the design of the knife make them very desireable with collectors of militaria trench art.  These were very popular souvenir items during the First World War and during the post war battle field tourism boom. On the blade is the slogan: Mein Blud Fur Mein Ehre (My blood for my honor) In the German cross: Ich Bin Treu (I am loyal) On the handle: Ich Helfe Dir Weiter (I will help you further)   Length: 21 cm (8.26 inches)