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Tiffany Studios Abalone Desk Set

Or best offer The Tiffany Studios abalone desk set that we have for sale is simply an incredible set of old school craftsmanship. The desk set includes the following items:
  • Memo pad
  • Letter rack
  • Perpetual Calendar frame
  • Ink blotter
  • Blotter ends
  • Inkwells
  • Paper clips tray
  • Letter opener knife
  • Stamp box
  • Pin cushion box holder
  • Humidor cigar box
The Desk Set is named for the abalone shell pieces that are inserted into the design which consists of grapes, leaves and vines as well as lines that are synonymous with the Tiffany Studios art deco style.  The set is made of gilded bronze and a shiny brass-like appearance.  Tiffany Studios produced about 50 different pieces for the abalone pattern desk sets and they are very desirable and collectible with many Tiffany Studios collectors searching for all pieces to complete their collection. This Tiffany Studios Abalone desk set consists of 13 pieces, all are stamped Tiffany Studios/New York and model serial numbers.