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Silver Chrome Eagle on Wooden Stand

Silver chrome eagle on wooden stand spreading his wings. Beautiful small statue with nice details of the eagle clinching the wooden base with its talons. Dimensions: Height: 22.5 cm/8.85 inches Width: 19.5 cm/7.67 inches Weight: 510 grams/18 ounces

Small Bronze Eagle Statue

Small bronze eagle sculpture with stand and round base, all are in one cast piece.  Very detailed and unsigned. Dimensions: Height: 15 cm/5.9 inches Width: 7.5 cm/29 inches Weight: 560 gr/19.7 ounces

Man Drinking Coffee By Nachum Gutman

Bronze sculpture of man drinking coffee in a modernist cubist style on a reddish granite base.  Nachum Gutman alternate spelling: Nahum Gutman; Hebrew: נחום גוטמן‎, 1898 – 1980, was one of the most famous and prolific Israeli painter, sculptor, and author.  The sculpture is signed in Hebrew and marked 81/100. Dimensions: Height: 11.5 cm Width: 9 cm Base: 7x10x10 cm Weight: 3 Kg

Bronze Indian Rhinoceros Statue

A bronze Indian rhinoceros statue done with great details and beautiful patina.  This bronze Indian rhinoceros statue is unmarked but is reminiscent of Kunst & Ambiente sculptures, especially a bronze rhino made by Italian sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti.