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Original Polish Cavalry Officer’s Sabre Pattern 1921

An authentic and original Polish cavalry officer's sabre 1921 pattern, Polish Uhlan (light cavalry) Szabla WZ. 1921.  This Polish cavalry sabre was designed after the British pattern 1796 light cavalry sabre.  It is beautifully made with an engraving on the blade with the Polish eagle and the motto "Honor i Ojczyzna" - Honor and Fatherland.  This Polish sabre is made and signed on the ricasso by one of the well known swordsmiths of the time Gabriel Borowski of Warsaw. - Blade: curved single-edged blade with one, wide fuller both sides. - Hilt: brass guard with quillons, pommel and back piece. Wooden grip is covered with leather and wrapped with brass wire.  The leather on thr hilt is with minor marks, brass parts are in very good condition with light patina. - Scabbard: original scabbard of this sword made of iron and nickeled with two rings and chape. - The condition of this Polish cavalry sabre pattern 1921 is in very good condition. Length: With scabbard: 93 cm (36.61 inches) Without scabbard: 88 cm (34.64 inches)