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Tibetan Kila Phurba Dagger

The Kila Phurba dagger is a three-sided knife, or nail-like ritual item traditionally associated with Indo-Tibetan Buddhism in which the knife is used to symbolically penetrate and break the earth.  Like many of the traditional Tibetan metal instruments, the kila is often made from brass and iron (sometimes of meteoric iron) and often features three faces of Vajrakīla, a deity manifestation of heroic power.  The three faces are often featured as one joyful, one peaceful, one wrathful (not in this case) and the blade is usually composed of three triangular facets or faces, meeting at the tip.  These represent, respectively, the blade's power to transform the negative energies known as the "three poisons" or "root poisons" of attachment/craving/desire, delusion/ignorance/misconception. This Tibetan Kila Phurba dagger we have for sale in in very good condition and is probably from the mid 20th century. Length: 28 cm (11 inches)