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Ottoman Artillery Cannon Brass Coat of Arms

An Ottoman artillery cannon brass coat of arms with the Turkish tughra of either Sultan Mehmed V (reign: 1909-1918) or Sultan Mehmed VI, the last Sultan of the Ottoman empire, ruling from 1918 t0 1922 when the Ottoman empire was dissolved and the Republic of Turkey was established. The tughra is a calligraphic monogram, seal or signature of a sultan that was affixed to all official documents and items such as coinage.  Each Sultan had his own tughra which was designed during the beginning of his reign by his court calligrapher. This brass coat of arms or crest was affixed to an artillery canon and is now secured to a wooden base with eight brass pins.  The crest is intricately made featuring flags, spears, swords, revolvers, books, flowers and a shield in the center. Dimensions 19cm x 13cm including the base (7.5 x 1.18 inches)