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Original US Rare M1905/06 Experimental Patton Saber by Ames Sword Co.

Original US 1905/1906 experimental saber by Ames Sword Company in Massachusetts.  The bird-head like grip allowed for a better grip especially while riding.  A.S. Co., ordnance bomb and 1906 on one side of the ricasso and US on the other side.  The grip is made of sharkskin with the wires wrapped around.  A bit of damage on the bottom of the grip where a small piece of sharkskin has been taken off.  The blade is in good condition with blemishes from age since this piece is more than 100 years old.  The scabbard is probably made of pig skin and has shrunk over time exposing the wooden pieces constructing the scabbard.  The fact that this sword comes with its scabbard is very rare.