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Omani Al Saidi Royal Khanjar

A fine example of the famous Omani Al Saidi or Royal style Khanjar.  This is a traditional Omani khanjar dagger with a dual edged blade and distinct central rib, fine silver filigree throughout the handle and scabbard and floral bands.  The hilt is probably made of horn and wrapped with the classical Saidi silver filigree panels.  The legend of the Royal style is that the Persian wife of Sayyid Said bin Sultan (1791-1856), the last ruler of the united Omani Empire, was bored with the classical shape of the Omani Khanjar and designed this J shaped style as a present for her husband, hence the “Royal” title of this Omani khanjar.  The back of the scabbard is a brownish velvet.  This Omani Al Saidi khanjar is made probably during the mid 20th century. Dimensions: With scabbard: 31 cm (12.20 inches) Without scabbard: 27 cm (10.60 inches)