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Indian Kora Sword With Tulwar Hilt

A very good condition Northern Indian, possibly Rajasthan Kora sword with tulwar style hilt, decorated with Damascus style silver-work and beautiful decorations on the blade of the sun and mythological figures.  The Kora (Khuda, Cora, Khora, Kouda) is typical to weapons of northernIndia and Nepal known as Kharga or Jamadhar Teg.  The kora sword with the characteristic wide and forward angled blade with sharp outer curve appeared after the 10th century in the areas of northern India and Nepal and were used for both fighting and ceremonial purposes.  The ceremonial and decorative Indian kora sword such as this one we have for sale, were used by Gurkhas for the ceremonial slaughter of water buffalo as a representation of Mahishasura and sheep during the festival of Dasain in which the head of the animal had to be severed with a single blow. Length: 64 cm (25.19 inches) Width: 17 cm (6.69 inches)