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Alan Shepard Memorabilia American Legion Plaque

Or best offer This is a piece of Alan Shepard memorabilia that has not been seen for decades.  It is probably a one of a kind plaque commissioned and presented to astronaut and naval pilot Alan Shepard Jr. for his amazing accomplishment of being the first American and the second human after Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagerin to orbit the earth.  On May 5, 1961, Shepard piloted the Mercury-Redstone 3 mission and named his spacecraft, Mercury Spacecraft 7, Freedom 7. As a show of appreciation and admiration for his incredible achievement in the height of the Cold War and the start of the space race, the American Legion decided to present Alan Shepard with this plaque as an award. Dimensions: Height: 49 cm (19.29) Width: 35.5 cm (13.97 inches) Weight: 7.9 Kg (17.41 lbs)