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Man Drinking Coffee By Nachum Gutman

Bronze sculpture of man drinking coffee in a modernist cubist style on a reddish granite base.  Nachum Gutman alternate spelling: Nahum Gutman; Hebrew: נחום גוטמן‎, 1898 – 1980, was one of the most famous and prolific Israeli painter, sculptor, and author.  The sculpture is signed in Hebrew and marked 81/100. Dimensions: Height: 11.5 cm Width: 9 cm Base: 7x10x10 cm Weight: 3 Kg

Man Drinking From Jar By Nachum Gutman

A bronze statue of a man drinking from a jar by Nachum Gutman, one of the most famous and prolific early Israeli artists.  Nachum Gutman was born in 1898 in Bessarabia and immigrated to Israel in 1905 when under the Ottoman Empire's rule.  Gutman was influenced by biblical stories as well as the everyday life of the Arab population, especially in Jaffa and the now city of Tel-Aviv. This bronze statue of a man drinking from a jar is sculpted in a primitive style where parts of material are added on to one another forming the shape without much smoothing or finishing touches. Specifications: Height: 32 cm Width: 27 cm Weight: 5.5 Kg Year Made: 1961 Marked: 6/7 with Nachum Gutman signed in Hebew נחום גוטמן