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Singing Bird Mechanical Box By MMM Germany

A unique and mesmerizing piece of old world craftsmanship at its best.  This singing bird mechanical box is made by MMM (Mechanische Musikwerke Manufaktur) of Triberg Germany, the company that purchased the Karl Griesbaum company that specialized in these items from 1905-1980.  MMM continues to make the singing bird boxes with the same tools and techniques since 1990.  The box is made of plated silver or alpaca silver (nickel silver). The mechanism of this singing bird music box is all made by hand and is completely mechanical without any use of speakers or electronics.  Comes with the wooden box case. DO NOT FORCE THE LID TO OPEN OR CLOSE.  IF YOU MOVE THE BUTTON AND NOTHING HAPPENS OR IT STOPS IN THE MIDDLE IT NEEDS TO BE WINDED UP WITH THE KEY. Dimensions: Big Box: Height: 7.5 cm Width: 14.5 cm Depth: 10.5 cm Singing Box: Height: 5.5 cm Width: 10.5 cm Depth: 7.5 cm