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Unertl BV-20 Rifle Scope

Unertl BV-20 x10 Sniper Rifle Scope

Unertl BV-20 rifle scope for sale with the original rings for mounting and lens covers.  Unertl BV-20 with x10 magnification.  Made by Unertl Optical Company, Inc. US manufacturer of telescopic sights from 1934-2008.  The company was well known for their 10× fixed-power scopes that were used on the Marine Corps' M40 rifles (Remington 700 modified) and made famous by Marine Corps Scout Sniper, Carlos Hathcock, during the Vietnam War, credited with 93 confirmed kills. The Unertl company manufactured military sniper rifle scopes during World War II, most notable for its MST-100 (7.62mm) and MST-150 (.50 caliber) 10× scope used by the USMC Scout-Sniper program and the first scope to use a Mil-Dot reticle. Specifications:
Scope ModelBV-20 1" Target Scope
Objective Aperture1"
Ocular Aperture3/4"
Eye Relief2"
Overall Length21 3/4"
Max. Objective cell Diameter1 5/16"
Max Ocular Cell Diameter7/8"
Weight1 lb 5 oz
Main Tube Diameter3/4"
Stereoscope For Aerial Photography By Huet Paris from Israeli military surplus

Stereoscope For Aerial Photography By Huet Paris

Stereoscope for aerial photography by Huet Paris from Israeli military surplus, used by mostly intelligence units to read and decipher aerial images of enemy territory and military related material by having a three dimensional image for better understanding.  This Stereoscope by Huet Paris from IDF surplus is in very good condition, marked with the Israeli military marking of the צ letter (Tzadik) and a נ inside the Star of David signifying that it has been checked and approved for use.  The right eye lens can move left-right as to fit the viewers face and providing a sharp 3D image. This is a rare piece of Israeli military history as well as militaria history, signifying how enemy maps used to be deciphered by intelligence personnel so that every enemy tank, aircraft, artillery piece, base, bunker, and others can be identified.  This was how it was done before the wide use of satellites and high-tech computer imaging and deciphering programs.

Danish Military Surplus Hensoldt Wetzlar Z24 x4 Scope With G3 Claw Mount

Danish military surplus Hensoldt Wetzlar Z24 scope x4 magnification with G3 claw mount made by Schubrichtung.  The mark of a crown and under it HTK is the mark of the Army Material Command formerly the Army Technical Corps (Danish: Hærens Tekniske Korps), formed in 1909.  This scope is in very good condition with all lens caps in tact.
Hensoldt Wetzlar Fero Z24 Rifle Scope With Picatinny Mount

Hensoldt Wetzlar Fero Z24 x4 Scope With Picatinny Mount

Hensoldt Wetzlar Fero Z24 x4 magnification sniper rifle scope with picatinny mount in very good condition and with the original case.  Clear and in tact lenses and reticle.  Made in Germany by Hensoldt Wetzlar catalog number 1240-12-144-0714.
IDF Mauser K98 Sniper Rifle Optics Mount Adapter

IDF Mauser K98 Sniper Rifle Optics Mount Adapter

Israeli Defense Force (IDF) K98 sniper scope mount adapter for the Nimrod 6x40 mm scopes probably from the late 1970's to early 1980's.  These were made by IMI (Israel Military Industries).  The IDF used FN made Mauser K98 rifles in the 1948 War of Independence where the olive drab 4x Wild-Heerbrugg scope was used in a unique Israeli-made claw type mount.  Later on the optic was replaced by more modern ones such as the Nimrod and an adapter was needed to accommodate it. Dealer pricing is available for the purchase of the whole quantity.  For details click on Contact Us.
Israeli Kahles ZF95 6x42 Rifle Scope

Kahles/Photonic ZF95 6×42 Rifle Scope With M14 Mount

A unique and hard to find item from Israeli military surplus the Kahles/Photonic ZF95 6x42 rifle Scope with M14 mount.  Both of these items, the scope and mount, are marked with צ (the letter Tzadik of the Hebrew alphabet) the Israeli military mark.  Each original scope came with the extended rubber eye relief.  These scopes were used by Israeli military snipers and marksman and some special police units.  They are unmarked by Kahles for political reasons since the Austrian government didn't want to be known as supplying Israel with arms related materials.  The Israeli military M14 mount comes with each scope and is also a very hard item to come by. Before using this daytime rifle scope optic, the IDF used the Japanese made Nimrod 6x42 mm scope.  These were used from the mid 1970's to the mid 1990's and replaced in 1994 by the Austrian made Kahles ZF95 also known as the Swarovski Futonic (or Photonic) 6x42 mm scope, and used up to 1999 when the M14 was taken out of regular service military units and replaced by the M24 SWS.  The Kahles ZF95 scopes are also known in Israel as the Photonic 6x42. Before ordering please check with your local and national authorities about purchasing and importing this item. NO MORE RUBBER EYE RELIEF PIECES ARE AVAILABLE. Dealer pricing is available for the purchase of 30 and more units.  For details click on Contact Us.