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French Bronze WW1 Era Picture Frame

French bronze WW1 era picture frame used to frame a photo of a war hero that came back home or died in the Great War. The bronze frame is with the heading souviens-toi (Remember) 1914, 1915, 1916. On the left a woman with a child holding a sword, possibly depicting the French ideal of liberty and the new generation of French. On the right a sword and a rifle, most possibly a Lebel Model 1886. The frame is signed by the artist Dimensions Height: 19 cm Width: 24 cm Weight: 840 gr

Bell Commemorating The Scuttling of the WW1 German Fleet

A bronze silver plated bell commemorating the scuttling of the WW1 German fleet at Scapa Flow off the Scotland shore.  Rear German Admiral von Reuter, command of the fleet, ordered his soldiers to deliberately sink all ships rather then have the Allies use them on 21 June 1919.  His crews opened seacocks, torpedo tubes and portholes on the ships to flood them and once again hoisted their flags of the Imperial German Navy. The bell is engraved with the German iron cross and the words: The lord of hosts is with us (psalms 46:7). The full incident can be read at the Imperial War Museum website. Dimensions Height: 22cm Length: 29cm Width: 13cm Weight: 1.66Kg

IDF Prismatic Oil Liquid Compass

This militaria antique is a rare Israeli military surplus prismatic oil liquid compass used by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) in its early years of activity, late 1940's to 1950's.  This IDF prismatic oil liquid compass from Israeli military surplus is in good condition and may be missing some of the liquid inside.  The compass has a brass casing and comes with a compass pouch .  It has some air bubbles inside, other than that it's in very good condition. Period: 1948-1949 Condition: used, good+ Signed: IDF No. 37450 with Israeli military logos and stamps