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Schwarzlose Machine Gun Crew Plaque

A German brass plaque featuring a crew of three soldiers operating the Schwarzlose or Maschinengewehr 08/MG 08 Machine Gun. The plaque in German: Erinnerung a.d. Dienstzeit translating to "In memory of the years in service" and dated 1935. The Schwarzlose M. 7 was designed by the Prussian firearms designer Andreas Wilhelm Schwarzlose in 1904, and used in service between 1908 to a bit after 1945.  The a Schwarzlose is a belt-fed machine gun, usually mounted on a tripod, and used by the Austro-Hungarian empire and later Germany, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and in some colonial conflicts. Dimensions: Width: 17 cm Height: 19.5  

South African Memorial Plaque

South African memorial plaque for a soldier killed in action in World War Two. The plaque is of a bronze cross mounted on a wooden base.  The cross features the South African coat of arms with Latin motto "EX-UNITATE-VIRES" translated "from unity, strenght", with a label below inscribed, ‘Killed in Action - World War 1939 1945 Gesneuwel Wereldoorlog C288218 PTE. J.F.Busby, C.C. 7.6 x 7.6 mm

November 4th WW1 Memorial Plaque By Egidio Boninsegna

Or best offer November 4th is celebrated and commemorated in Italy as the end of World War 1, the day of Armistice at Villa Giusti.  Italy lost in WW1 over 500,000 soldiers.  This rare bronze plaque was sculpted by one of Milan's most famous sculptures in the early to mid 20th century: Egidio Boninsegna.  The memorial plaque depicts an angel carrying to a tomb a half-draped male soldier accompanies by his mourning wife and two children bidding him a final farewell and another man holding the ends of the drape.  Both the angel and the fallen soldier show deep, hollowed-out eyes, indicating the suffering and grief caused by the war. The angel is sitting on a slab with the writing Ignoto Militi, the unknown soldier.  In the background is a great memorial tomb complete with fluted columns and another frieze of mourning figures.  The artist Egidio Boninsegna is best known for the creation of numerous tombs for the Monumental Cemetery and the Musocco Cemetery in Milan. He also sculpted the monument dedicated to the Milanese painter Filippo Carcano in 1915. This November 4th Italian memorial cast bronze plaque is rare in this excellent condition.  It is fastened to a heavy wooden frame. Dimensions: Height: 48 cm (18.9 inches) Width: 39 cm (15.35 inches) Weight: 7.4 Kg (16.31 lbs)

Charleston Rice History Commemorative Plaque

This plaque commemorates the first successful rice planting in the Charleston South Carolina colony in the 1670's starting the rice growing culture of the South known as Madagascar gold.  The plaque was approved by the Historic Commission of Charleston South Carolina.  The plaque is attached to a thick slice of an olive tree trunk. Dimensions: Metal plaque: Height: 40.5 cm (15.94 inches) Width: 30.5 cm (12 inches) Wood plaque: Height: 70 cm (27.55 inches) Width: 64.5 cm (25.39 inches) Weight: 18 kg (39.68 lbs)  

USS Maine Memorial Brass Plaque

This U.S.S. Maine Memorial Brass Plaque commemorates the explosion and sinking of the ship in Havana harbor, Cuba, at 9:40 on the evening of February 15, 1898 causing the deaths of 250 out of 355 sailors on board.  It is this incident that triggered the Spanish-American war that spread from the Caribbean to the Philippines ending up in American dominance over those regions. USS Maine memorial brass plaque features the following writing and markings: "In Memoriam / U.S.S. Maine / Destroyed in Havana Harbor / February 15th 1898 / This tablet is cast from metal recovered from the U.S.S. Maine." The lower right corner is stamped "© C. KECK Sc. / 1913 Cast By / Jno. Williams Inc. / N.Y." The bottom edge is stamped 1305. On the back top left corner: "Tablet No 1305 / Charles Keck, Sculptor / Cast By / Jno Williams Inc. / Bronze Foundry / New York / 1913." This item will include some unique photos and documents associated with the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine plaque and incident. Dimensions: Height: 32.5 cm (12.79 inches) Width: 45 cm (17.71 inches) Weight: 3.3 Kg (7.27 lbs)  

Alan Shepard Memorabilia American Legion Plaque

Or best offer This is a piece of Alan Shepard memorabilia that has not been seen for decades.  It is probably a one of a kind plaque commissioned and presented to astronaut and naval pilot Alan Shepard Jr. for his amazing accomplishment of being the first American and the second human after Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagerin to orbit the earth.  On May 5, 1961, Shepard piloted the Mercury-Redstone 3 mission and named his spacecraft, Mercury Spacecraft 7, Freedom 7. As a show of appreciation and admiration for his incredible achievement in the height of the Cold War and the start of the space race, the American Legion decided to present Alan Shepard with this plaque as an award. Dimensions: Height: 49 cm (19.29) Width: 35.5 cm (13.97 inches) Weight: 7.9 Kg (17.41 lbs)