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Antique curule chair – Curule Chair Or Savonarola Chair

This amazing Curule Chair Or Savonarola Chair style comes from an X-design which dates back to Ancient Egypt, Greek and Roman times, the renaissance era and up to the early 1930's.  The word 'curule' being an old Roman word for chariot.  These types of chairs were originally used by persons of high status and were embellished with ivory and precious metals.  This unique chair has carvings of naked women on the arm rests and animal feet in the base, thick leather straps on the seat and back.  The strap in the back has been changed and is more modern.  It was probably made in Italy in the early 1900's.   Dimensions: Total Height: 85 cm (33.46 inches) Width: 72 cm (28.34 inches) Height from floor to seat: 40 cm (15.74 inches)