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Israeli Military M15 Gas Masks

Israeli military M15 gas masks - Israeli military surplus M15 gas masks with the distinctive triangular eye lenses.  These Israeli M15 gas masks come with the type 80 NBC filter canister and drinking tube, all originally wrapped and sealed.  The filters would last approximately 8 hours in an NBC contaminated environment when they were new and before expiration.  It includes an integrated speech diaphragm as well as a side voice emitter to talk effectively with a phone.  The drinking tube attachment to the included straw which connects to a canteen.  The M15 gas mask is fully adjustable with five elastic straps that connect to a head harness for ultimate protection and comfort.  The triangular lenses are made out of impact-resistant plastic and are compatible with prescription lenses using a frame mount assembly. These are genuine issued Israeli military M15 gas masks but we do not take any responsibility for their performance since these are surplus gas masks.  We are selling these as purely novelty and collectible militaria items. NO SALE TO INDIVIDUALS, BUSINESSES ONLY! FOR WHOLESALERS PLEASE CLICK ON WHOLESALE ISRAELI M15 GAS MASKS