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Gaulois By Adolphe Jean Lavergne – Bronze sculpture

Gaulois by Adolphe Jean Lavergne bronze sculpture of ancient Celtic warrior.  This bronze sculpture of a Gaul warrior, features the Celtic fighter with his helmet, holding his sword in one hand and a leaf in another, axe hanging from his belt and a fur garment covering his groin.  A beautiful depiction of this ancient French Celtic warrior by French sculptor Adolphe Jean Lavergne (1852-1901).  This warrior might be a depiction of Vercingetorix (80 – 46 BC) the Gallic king and chieftain of the Arverni tribe who united the Gauls in a failed revolt against Roman forces during the last phase of Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars.  After surrendering to Caesar and spending almost six years in prison, he was executed in Rome. Dimensions Height: 49 cm Width: 15 cm Length: 15 cm Weight: 6 Kg