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US Navy Deep Sea Diver’s Knife

Original U.S. Navy WW2 KA-BAR marked deep sea diving knife with brass scabbard.  The knife has a one side serrated blade and the knife screws into the scabbard.  The hilt is wood with a brass pommel.  This A standard issue knife for all US World War 2 deep sea divers.  This knife is marked as made by Union Cutlery Co. Olean NY. Specifications: Total knife length (not including scabbard): 33 cm (13 inches) Blade length: 18 cm (7 inches) Hilt length: 15 cm (6 inches) Scabbard length: 21.5 cm (8.46 inches)  

British Navy Diver Knife By Siebe Heinke

British Royal Navy diver's knife by Siebe Heinke London with brass scabbard and hilt.  This rare British diver's knife is one of a limited production that were made by Siebe Heinke between 1962-1965.  This British Navy brass depth diver knife has a non-magnetic scabbard with a belt loop.  It is in very good condition and a rare find due to the limited quantities produced and the condition. Specifications: Total knife length (not including scabbard): 27.5 cm Blade length: 16 cm Hilt length: 11.5 cm Scabbard length: 21 cm Total length with scabbard: 31 cm

Deep Dive Knife by Siebe Gorman

Deep dive knife by Siebe Gorman & Company London 1910.  This specialty knife is made of brass or bronze with a bakelite hilt used by British deep sea divers.  Made by the Siebe Gorman company that specialized in maritime engineering and diving equipment such as diving helmets, breathing apparatuses and others. This rare deep sea diver knife is in very good condition, showing the crest of the manufacturer which not all models feature.  The other side of the hilt read: "Siebe Gorman and Co. Ltd. Submarine Engineers London (Patent)".  This was probably a presentation knife. Dimensions: Knife length (without scabbard): 33.5 cm Blade: 19.5 cm Hilt: 14 cm Scabbard: 21 cm Total length: 35 cm