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Dahlgren Bowie Knife Bayonet

The Dahlgren bowie knife bayonet is a Civil War era Union US Navy bayonet designed by Admiral John Dahlgren for use with the Plymouth/Whitneyville Model M1861 Rifle, and made by the Ames Manufacturing Company of Chicopee Massachusetts.  The Dahlgren Bowie bayonet's new design's intention was to replace the then-standard sword length bayonet with a more maneuverable bayonet for Navy purposes such as close quarters combat in ships, boarding actions, shore landings, and others and for use as either a traditional bayonet or a hand held edged weapon bulky enough to defend against swords and the heavy rifles used at the time. This Dahlgren Navy bowie bayonet is one of only 1800 produced between 1861-1864, and this item is marked as produced in 1862. Comes with an unoriginal scabbard. Markings: On ricasso: Side 1: USN D.R 1862. "D.R" initials are of the military inspector at the Ames plant, Daniel Reynolds. Side 2: Ames Mfg Co./Chicopee/Mass Specifications: Total knife length (without scabbard): 43 cm Blade length: 30.8 cm Hilt: 12 cm Total knife with scabbard: 44.5 cm