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Israeli Navy SEALS Shayetet 13 Watch

A true collectors item for militaria collectors focusing on Israeli special forces or Shayetet 13 (Flotilla 13) to be more specific.  Shayetet 13 is a special operations unit in the Israeli Navy similar in scope of operations to the US Navy SEALS and Britain's Special Boat Service.  This wrist watch was given to graduates of the grueling training course in the 1980's.  The watch is both digital and analog.  The watch's face features the unit's logo which is the embodiment of the Shayetet 13 motto: As the bat emerges from the darkness, As the blade cuts through with silence, As the grenade smashes in rage. Rubber wrist band.  200 meter depth.  Made by Prestige.  Comes with a beautiful aluminum box with the Israeli military logo.