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Chinese Imari Style Kangxi Marked Reproduction Vase

A very decorative Chinese Imari style vase signed in the bottom of its square base with the mark of the Kangxi emperor, who was the fourth Emperor of the Qing dynasty, and the second Qing emperor to rule over China proper from 1661-1722 which made him the longest-reigning emperor in Chinese history.  This reproduction Chinese Imari style vase shows beautifuly painted flowers coming out of a blue pot as well as other flowers and vegetation painted on the rest of this lovely vase.  This Chinese flowers decorated vase has golden decoration throughout the vase. Dimensions: Height: 26 cm (10.23 inches) Width: 9.3 cm (3.66 inches) Base: 7.6 cm x 7.6 cm (3 x 3 inches) Marked with the Chinese Kangxi Emperor emblem on the base.