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Russian Bronze Plaque of Two Fighting Knights

Russian bronze relief plaque of two fighting knights with the writing: "Whoever enters the sword with us, will perish by the sword! (Alexander Nevsky)". The scene seems to be of a Russian knight on horseback that has defeated a Western knight by killing him with his spear. 20th century.  Original label on the back. Dimensions  Height: 56 cm Width: 28 cm Weight: 840 gr

Soviet Russian WW2 Plaque 40th Anniversary For Participation

Soviet Russian WW2 plaque for participation in the great patriotic war commemorating the 40th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany. The writing is translated from Russian to: 1941-1945 For participant in the great patriotic war Zaitsev Sergei Ivanovich On the anniversary of the fortieth year of victory 9th of May 1985 White metal with a bronze coating.   Dimensions Length: 36 cm / 14.17 inches Width: 31 cm / 12.2 inches Weight: 2.3 Kg / 5 lbs

National Rifle Association State Championship Trophy

National Rifle Association State Championship Trophy featuring three men shooting in the three basic shooting positions, standing, kneeling and laying down.  This NRA trophy plaque is made probably in the 1960's, made of thick cast bronze on wood. Dimensions Length: 50 cm / 19.6 inches Width: 40 cm / 15.74 inches Weight: 4.7 Kg / 10.36 lbs.

Two Foundry Workers Bronze Plaque

Two foundry workers bronze plaque featuring two bare chested men pouring liquid metal, or other substance, into a cast. The style seems German 1920's with art deco and art nouveau influences. This antique bronze plaque is not signed. Dimensions: 29 cm x 29 cm / 11.41 inches x 11.41 inches 5.25 Kg / 11.57 lbs.

Bronze Plaque of Liberation of Prague by Frantisek Bilek

The liberation of Prague is depicted here in this bronze plaque by Frantisek Bilek (1907-1985).  The liberation started as a Czechoslovak uprising against the occupying Nazi German regime between the 5th to 9th of May 1945 and later joined by the Soviet Red Army.  The plaque shows citizens and Russian soldiers fighting their way to Prague Castle which is visible in the horizon.  The date of 5-9V 1945 is on the bottom right corner (V for the fifth month). Dimensions 23 cm x 10 cm / 9 inches x 3.93 inches

Bronze Relief Plaque of Roman Soldiers and Women on Way to Ship Voyage

A heavy bronze relief plaque of Roman soldiers and women preparing for a ship voyage.  This bronze plaque is relatively contemporary, probably from the 1920's.  Very good casting as the details are all visible and sharp.  A nice decorative Roman style bronze plaque that can add a sense of history to any surroundings.  Unsigned and unmarked, Dimensions 25.2 cm x 9.3 cm / 9.92 inches x 3.66 inches  

German WW1 Procession of Artillery Soldiers Bronze Plaque By Ludwig Manzel

A special bronze relief plaque of a procession of German WW1 soldiers on horseback pulling an artillery carriage with other soldiers.  The bronze work is excellent showing in high detail the soldiers, their rifles and helmets, the horses and in the background of what seems to be a bombed out town with houses with missing roofs and a damaged tree.  The work is made by Karl Ludwig Manzel (1858-1936) and is signed by him L. Manzel on the lower right as well as K. Grabert. Chlg.I. on the width of the frame. Dimensions 59.4 cm x 13.5 cm / 23.38 inches x 5.31 inches 2.44 Kg / 5.37 lbs

French Military Recognition Plaque To Mr. Benoit Barret

A French military recognition bronze plaque to Mr. Benoit Barret for his collaboration with the Central Sports Service Of the French Armed Forces, dated November 1957.  The plaque is enclosed in the original wood box with inside satin material.  The plaque is made by the famous Drago company in Paris, specializing in military insignias and related decorations since 1920. Dimensions 17 cm x 9.5 cm / 6.7 inches x 3.74 inches Weight: 1 Kg = 2.2 lbs.

Air National Guard Operational Readiness Award Plaque

Air National Guard operational readiness award plaque awarded by the National Guard Association of the United States. Dimensions: Width: 26 cm/10.23 inches Height: 30.5 cm/12 inches

French World War One Commemorative Plaque

A rare and unique piece of history featuring a commemorative plaque presented to Marshall Ferdinand Foch, the Supreme Allied Commander during the First World War, and Georges Clemenceau, Prime Minister and Minister of War during the war.  The plaque shows all of the characteristics of World War One such as the trench warfare, airplanes and zeppelins first used in battle, firearms, helmets and digging tools.  In the center is a French soldier holding a flag that is being kissed by a woman, maybe representing the gratefulness of the French nation to its brave fighters. The plaque was presented as part of the Law of November 17th 1918, that was established to pay national tribute to the armies and their leaders who participated in World War One, the war to end all wars. The writing in the center translates to:
The Law of November 17, 1918
To the armies and their chiefs
To the government of the Republic
the citizen Georges Clémenceau
President of the Council
Minister of War
Marshal Foch
Supreme leader of the allied armies
From a well deserved Fatherland
This commemorative World War One plaque in appreciation to George Clémenceau and Marshall Foch is a one of a kind piece of history and is in museum quality significance.
I am open to best offers for price.

Battle of Mulhouse & Alsace Liberation WW1 Plaques

A beautiful set of two bronze plaques commemorating the battle of Mulhouse also called the Battle of Alsace, which began on 7 August 1914 and was the opening attack of the First World War by the French Army against Germany.  The Germans counter attacked days later making the French leave the city on the 11th of August.  The plaques feature A French officer kissing an Alsatian young woman in traditional dress who throws herself in his arms.   In the background the French infantry are charging and on the right a fallen panel inscribed with DEUTSCHES REICH.  The plaques are signed on the left: Joe Descomps SCR, A Chambin Editeur, and on the right Georges Scott, 8 Aout (August) 1914. One of the plaques is on a large wooden frame and the other plaque is on a wooden desk stationary pad with 1914-1918 shown on the bottom. Dimensions Large plaque: 21 cm x 28 cm (8.26 inches x 11 inches) Notepad plaque: 11 cm x 21.5 cm (4.3 inches x 8.4 inches)  

South African Memorial Plaque

South African memorial plaque for a soldier killed in action in World War Two. The plaque is of a bronze cross mounted on a wooden base.  The cross features the South African coat of arms with Latin motto "EX-UNITATE-VIRES" translated "from unity, strenght", with a label below inscribed, ‘Killed in Action - World War 1939 1945 Gesneuwel Wereldoorlog C288218 PTE. J.F.Busby, C.C. 7.6 x 7.6 mm