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Laotian Woman Bronze Head Bust by Thanh Le NGuyen

A unique item from the Vietnam war era featuring a Laotian woman bronze bust sculpture made by Nguyen Thanh Le that was presented as a gift in September 1969 to Brigadier General Homer K. Hansen by Major General Tran Van Minh, commander of the VNAF (South Vietnam Air Force).  Nguyen Thanh Le was a Vietnamese artisan, graduate of the Bien Hoa Fine Arts School, who sold her sculptures and other works of art to mainly military personnel from a shop on Thu Do Street in the former Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City.  These works later found their way to the US and France as military personnel went back home. This Laotian woman bust of a young woman shows her beautiful features, unique hair style and ornate earrings. Dimensions: Height: 31 cm (12.20 inches) Width: 9 cm (3.54 inches) Weight: 5.4 Kg (11.90 lbs)

Native American Warrior Bronze Bust

A native American warrior bronze bust sculpture of what might be a member of the Apache tribe who live in the South Western part of the United States.  The Apache people were known as fierce warriors and strategists ever since they first encountered the White man in the 1600 whether fighting the Spanish and later Mexican soldiers or later during the American-Indian wars fighting the US Army.  This bronze bust of a Native American is of an elderly warrior who by looking at his expression and deep facial lines looks like a battle-worn fighter. No artist mark on this bronze bust statue. Dimensions: Height: 17 cm (6.7 inches) Width: 11 cm (4.33 inches) Weight: 1.850 Kg (4 lbs.)

General George Custer Bronze Bust

Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer bronze bust statue on a green marble base. This bronze sculpture of General Custer is unsigned by the artist. Dimensions (including base): Height: 19 cm (7.48 inches) Width: 11 cm (4.33 inches) Weight: 2.430 Kg (5.35 lbs.)