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Austrian Marine Naval Cutlass Sword Model 1858 by FS Jung

Austrian Marine Naval Cutlass Sword Model 1858 used mainly for marine naval warfare while boarding enemy ships.  The cutlass is easy and smooth to wield with a very good balance, suited for fighting in close quarters.  In Austria this cutlass sword was called “Entersabel” or “Bordsabel”.  Up until 1858 the Austrian Navy used French captured cutlasses and in 1858 ordered its original design which remained in service till 1904.   On ships it was used mostly as a working tool for general use thus the scabbards are missing on most pieces and are extremely rare. The sword has a thick and forward heavy pipeback blade, a basket guard as for this kind of weapon. Produced by FS Jung with a mark of a cross surrounded by four smaller crosses.  Dated 1858. No scabbard. Grips have damage but blade and the rest of the sword are in very good condition. Measurements 76 cm / 30 inches