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Jeanne D’Arc 1899 Printing Block Plates Set

This is a rare display of an 1899 advertisement poster from the theatre play Jeanne D'Arc played by French stage actress Sarah Bernhard, at one point in time she was considered the most famous actress in the world, and illustrated by Swiss artist Eugene Grasset, credited in introducing the Art Nouveau style to the United StatesThe display features from left to right the black and white plate, the brass printing plate and the advertisement itself in full color.  This is a rare and unique find since these items are hardly sold together. The plaque at the bottom reads: Jeanne D'Arc - 1899 Vintage French Poster - Gicle'e Print This vintage French poster is an example of "Affiche Artistic", advertising Sarah Bernhardt's performance in Jeanne D'Arc.  The artist was Eugene Grasset and the poster was published in 1899. Dimensions: Height: 67 cm (26.37 inches) Width: 119 cm (46.85 inches)