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Arab Water Seller With Clay Jug On His Back

An old Arab water seller with a clay jug wrapped with camel skin on his back leaning on a staff.  Water sellers used to walk around busy markets offering water, coffee and tea to walkers by.  The bronze sculpture is signed and marked. Dimensions 24 cm x 10 cm/ 9.44 inches x 3.93 inches

The Carpet Seller Sculpture By Franz Bergmann of Austria

The carpet seller is one of a series of similar statues of middle eastern Arab figures from the start of the 20th century made in Austria by Franz Bergmann. The sculptures are made of cold-painted bronze with vibrant colors. This sculpture is of an Arab carpet seller presenting his carpet to a potential customer that might have been passing by him in the busy bazar market. Dimensions (Height x Length x Width) 18 cm X 16.5 cm X 14 cm 7" X 6.5" X 5.5"