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Spanish Artilleria Fabrica De Toledo Knife 1892

Spanish Artilleria Fabrica De Toledo knife signed 1892 with ram horn handle and steel with leather scabbard and behind it a large metal belt hanger.  A massive wide blade used by the artillery soldiers for fighting as well as for utility purposes.  Some nicks on the blade which have been repaired decades ago adding character. Dimensions Length with scabbard: 41.5 cm Length without scabbard: 38 cm

Indian Gurkha Kukri Knife

A modern Indian Gurkha Kukri knife in very good condition with slightly stained blade.  This Kukri knife is probably from around the 1930's-1940's and does not include a scabbard.

Gurkha Kukri Knife With Beautiful Leather and Silver Scabbard

Gurkha Kukri knife with a beautiful leather scabbard and thick silver work.  The handle of this kukri is wood and the blade is stained.  The leather and white silver (or real silver) on the scabbard are in excellent condition.

Indian Nepalese Gurkha Kukri Highly Decorated Knife

An antique Indian Nepalese Gurkha Kukri knife made with intricate metalwork of decorative beads and white metal (maybe silver) with a beautiful design of two angels, flowers and other shapes on the leather scabbard covered with red velvet.  The handle is made of yak or ox bone and is decorated as well.  metal filigree and bead decorated leather scabbards dating from the 19th century. The knives have quality hand forged single edge very sharp steel curved blades mounted with ox bone handles and accompanied with two smaller similar handled sharpening knives.  The scabbard shows very well the hand stitching and has two straps that would have connected this Gurkha kukri knife to a belt. The blade is in excellent condition and is marked: "Tempered Steel/Made In India" It is probably made in the late 19th century to early 20th century. Dimensions: With scabbard: 43 cm (16.92 inches) Without scabbard: 37 cm (14.56 inches)  

Kukri Knife With Silver Decorated Scabbard

A late 19th century kothimora gurkha kukri knife with a beautiful silver decorated leather scabbard.  The blade is also decorated nicely and the handle is chipped on one side.  This antique kukri knife is in overall very good condition. Dimensions: With scabbard: 46 cm (18.11 inches) Without scabbard: 44 cm (17.32 inches)

Nepalese Kukri Knife With Bead Decorated Scabbard

An authentic Nepalese Kukri knife with a decorative leather scabbard of beads made of coral, shells and silver and a handle made of yak bone.  The kukri knife is a traditional edged weapon of the Nepali speaking Gurkha people of Nepal and Northern India.  It is used for combat and ceremonial purposes but mainly as an everyday tool in their mountainous region origins.  This authentic Nepalese kukri knife was made probably in the 1930's.   Dimensions: With scabbard: 44 cm (17.32 inches) Without scabbard: 38 cm (15 inches)  

Indian Katar Dagger With Scabbard

The katar is a punch or push dagger that was used mainly in southern India.  In battle it was used as an armor piercing close combat weapon to punch through chain mail and in civilian life it was worn mainly by nobles who would hunt tigers with the katar (usually one in each hand) to prove their manhood and bravery. This katar has the characteristic V-shaped blade and H-shaped handles.  It is made of steel and silver on the scabbard which is usually hard to find.  It was made around the 1920's or a bit before. Dimensions: With scabbard: 48.5 cm (19 inches) Without scabbard: 44 cm (17.32 inches)  

US Navy Deep Sea Diver’s Knife

Original U.S. Navy WW2 KA-BAR marked deep sea diving knife with brass scabbard.  The knife has a one side serrated blade and the knife screws into the scabbard.  The hilt is wood with a brass pommel.  This A standard issue knife for all US World War 2 deep sea divers.  This knife is marked as made by Union Cutlery Co. Olean NY. Specifications: Total knife length (not including scabbard): 33 cm (13 inches) Blade length: 18 cm (7 inches) Hilt length: 15 cm (6 inches) Scabbard length: 21.5 cm (8.46 inches)  

British Navy Diver Knife By Siebe Heinke

British Royal Navy diver's knife by Siebe Heinke London with brass scabbard and hilt.  This rare British diver's knife is one of a limited production that were made by Siebe Heinke between 1962-1965.  This British Navy brass depth diver knife has a non-magnetic scabbard with a belt loop.  It is in very good condition and a rare find due to the limited quantities produced and the condition. Specifications: Total knife length (not including scabbard): 27.5 cm Blade length: 16 cm Hilt length: 11.5 cm Scabbard length: 21 cm Total length with scabbard: 31 cm

Deep Dive Knife by Siebe Gorman

Deep dive knife by Siebe Gorman & Company London 1910.  This specialty knife is made of brass or bronze with a bakelite hilt used by British deep sea divers.  Made by the Siebe Gorman company that specialized in maritime engineering and diving equipment such as diving helmets, breathing apparatuses and others. This rare deep sea diver knife is in very good condition, showing the crest of the manufacturer which not all models feature.  The other side of the hilt read: "Siebe Gorman and Co. Ltd. Submarine Engineers London (Patent)".  This was probably a presentation knife. Dimensions: Knife length (without scabbard): 33.5 cm Blade: 19.5 cm Hilt: 14 cm Scabbard: 21 cm Total length: 35 cm