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American War Of 1812 Eagle Head Five-Ball Sword

This is an early American sword known as the War of 1812 Eagle Head Five-Ball sword or spadroon.  A spadroon is defined as a light sword with a straight-edged blade, enabling both cut and thrust attacks.  A spadroon sword is in between a small sword (which thrusts only), and the heavier-bladed broadsword and they may have single or double edged blade.  This American 1812 spadroon has the characteristic eagle head on the pommel and the distinctive five ball cast into the D-shaped guard.  The handle is most likely made of animal bone and it is a bit cracked on one side.  While the five-ball pattern hilt faded from fashion in England and France in the 1790's, it remained popular in the United States and several patterns of this sword were made for the various American military branches.  The major differences were in the shape of the eagle head as some had its beak turned down, open, open with tongue, or closed pointing upward. The blade is stained but the beautifully designed etchings can still be seen. Don't forget that this sword is over 200 years old! Length: 94 cm (37 inches)