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Charles Lindbergh Bust Lucky Lindy-Bank Of Grannis & Tolton 1928

A metal bust statue of Charles Lindbergh with a flight cap and goggles and wearing a leather flight jacket used in the 1920's.  This Charles Lindbergh bust sculpture is made of cast metal with a bronze finish.  It was manufactured by the Grannis & Tolton Company of Detroit, Michigan in the United States.  It is marked in raised script on the back: "Lindy-Bank copy by G&T 1928" and the signature of the artist Nison Tregor.  The bust is on a marble-like (maybe onyx) base in green and black colors. Dimensions: Height: 21 cm (8.26 inches) Width: 10 cm (3.93 inches) Weight: 1.9 Kg (4.18 Lbs)

RAF Bronze Bust of Spitfire Pilot Ace Douglas Bader

Bronze Bust of famous WW2 RAF Ace pilot Douglas Bader who fought in the battle of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain, credited with 22 enemy kills and other distinguished and heroic actions.  This fine detailed bronze bust of RAF pilot ace Douglas Bader shows his calm yet focused facial expression while looking at the skies, wearing his leather flying jacket, cap and flying goggles, his radio and air mask hanging from his neck.  This bronze bust sculpture is mounted on a solid marble base with the RAF insignia and symbols on all sides. Dimensions: Height: 27 cm (10.62 inches) Width: 15 cm (5.9 inches) Weight: 4 Kg (8.8 lbs)

Aviator Pilot Holding A Propeller Metal Sculpture

An aviator or pilot from the 1930’s-1940’s sculpture made of metal or spelter in excellent condition.  The statue shows the airman of the British RAF holding his flying gloves in one hand and a two bladed propeller in the other, wearing his flight suit, cap, goggles and looking up to the sky as if viewing his fellow pilots flying their planes on the way to their next mission or training exercise.  This is NOT the same aviator sculpture that has his head hinge back to reveal a removable petrol lighter. A beautiful gift to aviation memorabilia lovers, airforce veterans, pilots and airmen in general. Dimensions: Height: 27 cm (10.62 inches) Width: 20 cm (7.87 inches)