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Sculpture of Woman From Duc D’Aumale To Sir Frederick Bramwell

Sculpture of woman made of silver with a beautiful patina and intricate metal work.  The woman is a possible goddess raising one arm to the heavens and the other resting on some kind of maybe an engineering tool. signed by Froment-Meurice The plaque in French is with the coat of arms of the House of Orleans of Duke D'Aumale which dedicated this sculpture to Sir Frederick Bramwell as a souvenir of affection and gratitude at Moncorvo-House, 28th of May 1887. This is probably a one of a kind piece with historical significance. Dimensions Height: 31 cm Width (base): 15 cm Weight: 1.92 Kg    

Antique Book – Institutiones Geometricae By Albrecht Durer

An antique and rare book by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) named  Institutiones geometricae, a landmark study on the theory of art, introducing the "Art of Measurement" to a northern Europe audience from Italy during the Renaissance.  Dürer explains the application of practical geometry to drawings and paintings and to be applied to architecture, painting and print by designing both gothic and roman letters as well as ornamental forms in general.  Durer's monumental work was addressed not only to artists but also to sculptors, architects, goldsmiths, stonemasons and other craftsmen. The work was first published in German Underweysung der Messung, Nuremberg, 1525. This book was published a few years after the original edition and is signed 1538. The pages and inserts are all in very good condition.  The binding is from the early 19th century and is in poor condition. For these reasons this antique and rare book are in the affordable price offered.

British Tottenham Metropolitan Police War Reserve Set

British Tottenham Metropolitan Police War reserve set of a police whistle and a police club with authenticity papers stating that these belonged to William Frederick Sydenham from 1st of September 1939 to 21st July 1940.

Saint Barbara Skoda Sculpture

Or best offer Saint Barbara was an early Christian martyr worshiped by mainly Catholics who face danger of sudden and violent death at work.  She is the patron saint of artillery and explosives professions, armorers and gunsmiths, military engineers, miners and tunnelers.  This statue of Saint Barbara features the main items associated with her story: the three windowed tower, a cannon and a branch. This statue of Saint Barbara is one of two known to be made as a special commissioned work for the Czech Skoda company.  Skoda started in 1859 as an arms manufacturing company, later a producer of bicycles, motorcycles, cars and trucks.  During World War 2 and Nazi Germany's occupation of Czechoslovakia, the Skoda factory was under control of Reichswerke Hermann Göring and served as producers of artillery parts, aircraft, firearms and ammunition components.  This statue is thought to be presented to the Nazi officers who controlled the company in 1942.  The statue is said to be made of artillery grade metal. The small plaque at the base reads: Skodawerke Pilsen, Kreigsjahr 1942. It is in excellent condition. Specifications: Height (with base): 51 cm Width (total): 16.5 cm Width of base: 14 cm Weight: 13.1 Kg

Air National Guard Operational Readiness Award Plaque

Air National Guard operational readiness award plaque awarded by the National Guard Association of the United States. Dimensions: Width: 26 cm/10.23 inches Height: 30.5 cm/12 inches

Trib Pocket Watch and Display Stand

A French Trib pocket watch and a Prussian display stand commemorating the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871 featuring two kneeling captured French soldiers on each side with broken flags and spears as sign of defeat.  This unique pocket watch stand features five major places of significant battles during the war: Weissens (Weissembourg), Worth, Metz, Sedan, Strassburg, Paris with the German Iron Cross at the bottom.  The French Trib pocket watch is in working condition and dates to the early 20th century, around 1920's.  The pocket watch is hung on on a small hook from a lion's head, a wreath with 1871 in it, and fits into a larger circular wreath where the watch rests.

French World War One Commemorative Plaque

A rare and unique piece of history featuring a commemorative plaque presented to Marshall Ferdinand Foch, the Supreme Allied Commander during the First World War, and Georges Clemenceau, Prime Minister and Minister of War during the war.  The plaque shows all of the characteristics of World War One such as the trench warfare, airplanes and zeppelins first used in battle, firearms, helmets and digging tools.  In the center is a French soldier holding a flag that is being kissed by a woman, maybe representing the gratefulness of the French nation to its brave fighters. The plaque was presented as part of the Law of November 17th 1918, that was established to pay national tribute to the armies and their leaders who participated in World War One, the war to end all wars. The writing in the center translates to:
The Law of November 17, 1918
To the armies and their chiefs
To the government of the Republic
the citizen Georges Clémenceau
President of the Council
Minister of War
Marshal Foch
Supreme leader of the allied armies
From a well deserved Fatherland
This commemorative World War One plaque in appreciation to George Clémenceau and Marshall Foch is a one of a kind piece of history and is in museum quality significance.
I am open to best offers for price.

German Blacksmith Bronze Sculpture

An Antique early 20th century German blacksmith bronze sculpture beautifully made showing the blacksmith swinging his hammer towards the anvil which is set on a chopped tree truck.  The iron piece on the anvil that is being hammered is made loose and comes out. This blacksmith sculpture was given as an award or gift according to the plaque on the base written: Jhrem allverehrten Paul Siele zum 1. October 1919 Vereinigung Deutscher Sackgrosshandler Translated: To the well honored Paul Siele On October 1st 191 From the Association of German sack wholesalers Probably a one of a kind item since we couldn't find another. Dimensions Height: 38 cm (15 inches) Width: 21 cm (8.26 inches) Base: 18 x 13 cm (7x5.11 inches) Weight: 6.5 Kg (14.33 lbs)

Jeanne D’Arc 1899 Printing Block Plates Set

This is a rare display of an 1899 advertisement poster from the theatre play Jeanne D'Arc played by French stage actress Sarah Bernhard, at one point in time she was considered the most famous actress in the world, and illustrated by Swiss artist Eugene Grasset, credited in introducing the Art Nouveau style to the United StatesThe display features from left to right the black and white plate, the brass printing plate and the advertisement itself in full color.  This is a rare and unique find since these items are hardly sold together. The plaque at the bottom reads: Jeanne D'Arc - 1899 Vintage French Poster - Gicle'e Print This vintage French poster is an example of "Affiche Artistic", advertising Sarah Bernhardt's performance in Jeanne D'Arc.  The artist was Eugene Grasset and the poster was published in 1899. Dimensions: Height: 67 cm (26.37 inches) Width: 119 cm (46.85 inches)

Authentic Moro Kris Sword

An authentic Moro Kris short sword from the Southern Philippines.  The Moro Kris is a rugged fighting blade that was mostly used in the Mindanao area of the Philippines.  The hilt, scabbard and blade are decorated with copper or brass decorations and the blade features a serpent or dragon like design.   The Moro people or actually Bangsamoro people, refers to the 13 Islamized ethnolinguistic groups of Mindanao, Sulu, and Palawan regoins.  The Moro fought against the Spanish invaders in the early 1500's using these short swords but the design of the blade itself is actually from pre Islamic influence era.  The wavy blade symbolizes the Naga; a mythical serpentine dragon that was worshipped in the animistic days of Malay history.

Montblanc Timewalker Chronograph Automatic 41mm

The Montblanc TimeWalker wrist watch symbolizes the spirit of car racing by featuring racing car-like dashboard timing and gauge instruments.  The Montblanc TimeWalker Automatic Chronograph comes in a 41 mm stainless steel case.  In the spirit of car racing, this Montblanc TimeWalker model is equipped with a practical tachymeter scale for timing speed that is indicated on the fixed ceramic bezel. The timepiece features a “reverse panda” dial with a contrasting black background and silvery-white counters and flanges at 6 and 12 o’clock. The timepiece features Super-LumiNova* numerals and indexes, as well as a precise minute track on the flange that has also been enhanced with both Super-LumiNova and red markers for the 15-minute mark for utmost legibility.

Israeli Lee Enfield Long Branch No.4 MK1 T Rifle Scope

Israeli Lee Enfield long branch No.4 MK1 T rifle scope made by Goldberg of Tel-Aviv.  This is one of the first prototypes of Israeli made rifle scope made in the late 1940's and early 1950's as Israel planned to self rely on as much weapons and weapon related material as possible and in addition smuggle and later import military surplus firearms from post WW2 Europe.  This Israeli rifle scope is made of brass and includes the original rifle mount.  The outside of the scope has patches of scratched paint, the lenses are in tact and a bit foggy and the reticle is in tact as well.  A rare and unique piece of history.