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Hermes Holding an Anchor Sculpture By Hans Muller

Hermes holding an anchor sculpture made of spelter on a bronze base with commemorative plaque, artist Hans Muller signed and foundry marked K.K Kunst-Erzgiessereei, Wien.  The sculpture is on a wood base.  The sculpture is number 129, it is unknown out of how many. Hermes, from Greek mythology the son of Zeus and Maia, considered the herald of the god, able to move quickly and freely between the worlds of the mortal and the divine aided by his winged sandals as can be seen in this sculpture. Hermes is holding an anchor in one hand and on the other hand missing is the caduceus, staff is entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings, symbolizing commerce and trade. The plaque on the base reads: 1.9.1883 - 1.9.1907.  This sculpture of Hermes by Hans Muller was probably given as a retirement gift to someone that worked 24 years in a shipyard or shipping company since Hermes was not associated with anything naval yet the anchor is part of the art work. Dimensions Height: 29 cm / 11.4 inches Width: 8 cm / 3.1 inches Weight: 1.1 Kg / 2.4 lbs.

The Shepherd By Raphael Hubert Patinated Bronze Sculpture

The shepherd boy (Le berger in French) by Raphael Hubert, a dark brownish patinated bronze sculpture from around the 1920's.  The boy shepherd is looking into the distance at his sheep, wearing his hat and only a loin cloth, holding his shepherd's staff.  The staff is missing in many of these sculptures.  The sculpture is on a very nice base.  Marked "Hubert" on the side of the plinth. Raphaël HUBERT was an artist born in France in 1884 and deceased c.1975. Dimensions Height: 35.5 cm / 13.9 inches Width: 9 cm / 3.54 inches Weight: 1.7 Kg / 3.74 lbs.  

The Hunter By Maurice Bouval Bronze Sculpture

A nude male hunter stalking his game with a sling shot and a pheasant tied to his belt, peering into the distance and covering his eyes from the sunshine glare, on naturalistically-cast base . The base is signed M. Bouval in script, Goldscheider foundry mark.  On additional marble base.  This work is sometimes titled "The Bird Catcher" or "Boy Hunter" or "Child Hunter". Dimensions: Height: 33 cm / 13 inches Width: 14 cm / 5.5 inches Depth: 7 cm / 2.7 inches Weight: 2.9 Kg / 6.4 lbs.

Hans Muller Bronze Sculpture Madonna And Jesus Child

Hans Muller (Austrian 1873-1937) bronze sculpture of the Madonna and Jesus Child (Maria mit dem Jesuskind), signed on the back and on a marble base.  The small plaque on the base reads: To Rev. Kieran P. Moran C.M, S.T.D Who for 15 years made such generous And unselfish use of his God-given Talents in the interest  Of the Central Association Of the Miraculous Medal Silver Jubilee March 1940 From: Father Skelly    

Russian Bronze Plaque of Two Fighting Knights

Russian bronze relief plaque of two fighting knights with the writing: "Whoever enters the sword with us, will perish by the sword! (Alexander Nevsky)". The scene seems to be of a Russian knight on horseback that has defeated a Western knight by killing him with his spear. 20th century.  Original label on the back. Dimensions  Height: 56 cm Width: 28 cm Weight: 840 gr

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Steel Sculptures By Roli

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza from the famous Spanish epic novel Don Quixote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes. The sculptures of the two are made in a cubistic style and date to probably the 1920's to early 1930's. A very unique piece of art of the timeless tale of the mad knight and his squire. Signed by Roli. Dimensions  Don Quixote Height (from top of lance to base): 24 cm Length: 10 cm Width: 5 cm Sancho Panza Height: 12 cm Length: 8.5 cm Width: 5 cm

Michelangelo’s David Protome Brass and Bronze Inkwell

Michelangelo's David protome brass and bronze double inkwell presented to the British Royal Engineers Captain J.H. Mousley. The double inkwell is made of brass and the David protome is made of blackened bronze.  One of the glass cups in a bit chipped. Captain John Harold Mousley of the British Royal Engineers was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) for his actions in combat. Dimensions Height: 14 cm Length: 28 cm Width: 15 cm Weight: 2.18 Kg  

Antique Blackened Bronze Centerpiece

An antique blackened bronze centerpiece probably British from the mid 19th century in the baroque style with a child and mythological faun figures around.  The child on the top of the centerpiece is holding what seems to be an anvil or shield.  The three mythological fauns, half man half goat creatures, are holding the center cup.  Very ornate and highly decorative. Dimensions Height: 28 cm Width (base): 17 x 17 cm Weight: 3.4 Kg

Central Medallion From The Milton Shield

A fantastic reproduction of the central medallion of the Milton Shield depicting the archangel Raphael recounting to Adam and Eve the defeat of the rebel angels as they sit in the garden of Eden.  The relief is very elaborate, beautifully showing the bodies of Raphael, Adam and Eve and the surrounding vegetation around them of the garden of Eden.  Bronze with a wooden frame and small plaque with the artworks info.  The original Milton Shield was made by Leonard Morel-Ladeuil for Elkington & Co. of Birmingham.  The shield is illustrated with scenes from from Milton's Paradise Lost.  The original shield became one of the most celebrated pieces shown at the Paris Exhibition of 1867. Dimensions Frame: 42 cm Plate: 24.5 cm Weight: 1.9 Kg

Jurassic World T-Rex Skeleton Bronze Sculpture By Tongshifu

Jurassic World T-Rex dinosaur skeleton bronze sculpture by Tongshifu USC LLC and Amblin.  Limited edition number 079 of 999 copies. Tyrannosaurus rex bronze dinosaur skeleton sculpture presented by the Jurassic World movie franchise and made by Tongshifu in a limited addition. Dimensions Height: 26cm Length: 45cm Width: 7.5cm Weight: 2.24 Kg

Antique Pair Bronze Classical Ladies Sculptures

A pair of antique sculptures of classical style ladies sitting on an alter or similar construction. One of the ladies is holding a short sword and the other has a snake wrapped around her arm. Both women have unsimilar tiara crowns and are wearing a tunic style dress reminiscent of the Roman period. A beautiful bronze with gold wash pair of sculptures probably displayed on a fireplace mantle or on two separate columns near an entrance. Dimensions Height: 39cm Width base: 16x16cm Weight: 13.6Kg (together)

Sculpture of Woman From Duc D’Aumale To Sir Frederick Bramwell

Sculpture of woman made of silver with a beautiful patina and intricate metal work.  The woman is a possible goddess raising one arm to the heavens and the other resting on some kind of maybe an engineering tool. signed by Froment-Meurice The plaque in French is with the coat of arms of the House of Orleans of Duke D'Aumale which dedicated this sculpture to Sir Frederick Bramwell as a souvenir of affection and gratitude at Moncorvo-House, 28th of May 1887. This is probably a one of a kind piece with historical significance. Dimensions Height: 31 cm Width (base): 15 cm Weight: 1.92 Kg