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Bill Bagwell Stag Hunting Bowie Knife

Bill Bagwell Stag Hunting Bowie Knife features a clip point blade with sharpened top edge.  The handle has a brass guard and stag grip. Includes a brown leather scabbard.  The knife is in mint condition, signed Bagwell on one side of the ricasso and Ontario USA on the other side. Dimensions: Length without scabbard: 39.5 cm (15.5 inches) Length with scabbard: 41.3 cm (16.25 inches)

Kahles ZF-95 Scope With A.R.M.S Mil-Spec Mount

Kahles ZF-95 scope with A.R.M.S Mil-Spec mount from Israeli military surplus.  This Kahles ZF-95 rifle scope comes with a rubber piece for the front of the scope and a lens filter.

Schwarzlose Machine Gun Crew Plaque

A German brass plaque featuring a crew of three soldiers operating the Schwarzlose or Maschinengewehr 08/MG 08 Machine Gun. The plaque in German: Erinnerung a.d. Dienstzeit translating to "In memory of the years in service" and dated 1935. The Schwarzlose M. 7 was designed by the Prussian firearms designer Andreas Wilhelm Schwarzlose in 1904, and used in service between 1908 to a bit after 1945.  The a Schwarzlose is a belt-fed machine gun, usually mounted on a tripod, and used by the Austro-Hungarian empire and later Germany, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia and in some colonial conflicts. Dimensions: Width: 17 cm Height: 19.5  

German Cross Picture Frame WW1

German Iron Cross picture frame for commemorating a fallen soldier.  This is a World War One era picture frame from the Austro-Hungarian empire period. Dimensions: Width: 14.6 cm Height: 17 cm

South African Memorial Plaque

South African memorial plaque for a soldier killed in action in World War Two. The plaque is of a bronze cross mounted on a wooden base.  The cross features the South African coat of arms with Latin motto "EX-UNITATE-VIRES" translated "from unity, strenght", with a label below inscribed, ‘Killed in Action - World War 1939 1945 Gesneuwel Wereldoorlog C288218 PTE. J.F.Busby, C.C. 7.6 x 7.6 mm

Skoda 305 mm Model 1911 Plaque

The Škoda 305 mm Mörser Model 1911 was a siege howitzer artillery cannon produced by Škoda Works and used by the Austro-Hungarian Army during World War I and by Nazi Germany in World War II after they took over the factory. This bronze plaque commemorates the production of the Skoda 30.5 cm (305 mm) howizer cannons during WW1 between 1914-1915. The back of the plaque is marked: System SkodaWerke, Pilsen.

Spanish Artilleria Fabrica De Toledo Knife 1892

Spanish Artilleria Fabrica De Toledo knife signed 1892 with ram horn handle and steel with leather scabbard and behind it a large metal belt hanger.  A massive wide blade used by the artillery soldiers for fighting as well as for utility purposes.  Some nicks on the blade which have been repaired decades ago adding character. Dimensions Length with scabbard: 41.5 cm Length without scabbard: 38 cm

Knight of Verona by Hans Muller

The Knight of Verona is a gilded bronze sculpture of "Cangrande I della Scalla", an Italian nobleman, belonging to the della Scala family which ruled Verona from 1308 until 1387.  Della Scalla was an acclaimed warrior and autocrat becoming sole ruler of Verona in 1311 to his death in 1329.  The Knight of Verona statue features Cangrande with his helmet, armor and drawn sword on his horse which is draped in cloth on a marble base.  The sculpture was made by Hans Muller of Austria (1873-1937) and signed, famous for his bronze sculptures of famous individuals as well as everyday life.  The original statue is currently at the Castelvecchio castle, in Verona, Italy. Dimensions: Height: 20 cm Length: 14 cm Width: 6.5 cm Weight: 1.66 Kg

Israeli Mauser K98 Wild Heerbrugg Scope with Mount and Case

Super rare Israeli military surplus Mauser K98 Wild Heerbrug 4x30 scope with mount, adapters, sights zeroing key (which in itself is extremely hard to find as these have usually been lost) and original case.  All are marked by Israeli military IDF markings.  These are one of the rarest military surplus scopes that any militaria collector would love to add to his collection.  The Israel Defense Forces used the German Mauser K98 rifles, by bringing them through Czechoslovakia after WW2, mainly during the war of Independence in 1948 up to the early 1970's when used by Israeli snipers in the Suez Canal fortifications known as the Bar-Lev Line. The K98 was later replaced by the Uzi, FN FAL, Galil as the main fighting weapons.  Only 200 were known to be produced for the Israeli military. This set of IDF Wild Heerbrug Mauser K98 4x30 rifle scope, IDF K98 Mauser mount and special adapters come with the original tin case and all are in very good condition.  A real rare find!

Gaulois By Adolphe Jean Lavergne

Gaulois by Adolphe Jean Lavergne bronze sculpture of ancient Celtic warrior.  This bronze sculpture of a Gaul warrior, features the Celtic fighter with his helmet, holding his sword in one hand and a leaf in another, axe hanging from his belt and a fur garment covering his groin.  A beautiful depiction of this ancient French Celtic warrior by French sculptor Adolphe Jean Lavergne (1852-1901). Dimensions Height: 49 cm Width: 15 cm Length: 15 cm Weight: 6 Kg

IDF Mauser SP66 Mount and Kahles ZF95 Scope Set

A rare IDF Mauser SP66 mount and Kahles ZF95 scope 6x42 set.  This is the Israeli military Mauser SP66 mount made designed by Nehemia Sirkis and fitted with the Kahles ZF95 6x42 scope.  Both of these items are rare and having them together as a set is even rarer.  

Unertl BV-20 Rifle Scope

Unertl BV-20 x10 Sniper Rifle Scope

Unertl BV-20 rifle scope for sale with the original rings for mounting and lens covers.  Unertl BV-20 with x10 magnification.  Made by Unertl Optical Company, Inc. US manufacturer of telescopic sights from 1934-2008.  The company was well known for their 10× fixed-power scopes that were used on the Marine Corps' M40 rifles (Remington 700 modified) and made famous by Marine Corps Scout Sniper, Carlos Hathcock, during the Vietnam War, credited with 93 confirmed kills. The Unertl company manufactured military sniper rifle scopes during World War II, most notable for its MST-100 (7.62mm) and MST-150 (.50 caliber) 10× scope used by the USMC Scout-Sniper program and the first scope to use a Mil-Dot reticle. Specifications:
Scope Model BV-20 1" Target Scope
Objective Aperture 1"
Ocular Aperture 3/4"
Eye Relief 2"
Overall Length 21 3/4"
Max. Objective cell Diameter 1 5/16"
Max Ocular Cell Diameter 7/8"
Weight 1 lb 5 oz
Main Tube Diameter 3/4"
Magnification 10x