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British Light Infantry Gunpowder Horn

An antique British light infantry gunpowder horn made of ox or cow.  It is estimated to be from the 18th century, all seem to be original. There are initial T.P. carved or branded into the horn.  Original lid and cap on the ends of the horn. The emblem is of the British light infantry regiment showing the ribbon and tassels connected to a gunpowder horn.    

IMI M47 Dragon Tripod

IMI M47 Dragon tripod in excellent condition from Israeli military surplus. The top was fitted with the traversing and elevating mechanism which is not part of this tripod for sale. We suggest using this tripod for lighting purposes as shown in the photo to the left. Dimensions Closed: 41 cm / 16.14 inches Open: 72.5 cm / 28.54 inches Open width: 83 cm / 32.67 inches Weight: 2.72 Kg / 6 lbs.

Original U.S. WWII M2 Browning Tripod For M1919A4 Machine Gun


M2 Browning Tripod Mount

Original WW2 U.S. military issue M2 Browning tripod with original U.S. military issue T&E and original U.S. military issue pintle for the M1919 0.30 caliber machine gun.  These original M2 tripod is from Israeli military surplus, probably given by the US to the IDF probably during the 1960's and 1970's.  Some of these have very low serial numbers. These M2 Browning tripod features a brass socket for the pintle and fully functional legs, cross bar and welded feet. It is complete, functional and in good condition. The pintle comes complete with the cross pin and castle nut, with cotter pin still installed.  The pintle and T&E are still wrapped in their original papers. These Israeli military surplus U.S. M2 tripods are available from a variety of manufacturers such as: Appliance Mfg Co. , Lovel Mfg Co. and others. Shipping cost to the US by EMS is about $200 for each item.  This will include a tracking number and insurance.  Shipping will be charged separately after receiving the order.  Shipping available worldwide.

FN MAG 58 Trilux Scope Side Mount

Trilux Scope Side Mount for the Belgian made FN MAG 58 general purpose machine gun.

Ortech Tactical Flashlights with Mounts and PTT Wires

Ortech tactical flashlights with mounts and PTT wires, some wires are longer than others. Dealer pricing is available for large quantity purchases.  Contact Us for more details.  

Dealer Special: Galil, M14, FN MAG 58 and M16 Trilux Scope Mounts

Galil and M16 Trilux SUIT rifle scope mounts from Israeli military surplus available for sale. Model 1: M16 Trilux rifle scope mounts for carry handle - 20 units x $180 each = $3600 Model 2: Galil Trilux L shape side mounted rifle scope mount - 5 units x $210 each = $1050 Model 3: Galil side mount for Trilux scope - 2 units x $210 each = $420 (Sold Out) Model 4: M14 Trilux scope mount - 1 unit x $230 each = $230 Model 5: FN MAG 58 Trilux Scope Side Mount - 4 units x $250 each = $1000 Cost of package will depend on the units available that same day.  Click Contact Us for details.

Dealer Special

Dealer Special includes: IDF Mauser SP66 Sniper Rifle Furniture - 2 units IDF Mauser SP66 Sniper Rifle Scope Mount - 2 units IDF Mauser K98 Sniper Rifle Optics Mount Adapter - 5 units

IDF Mauser SP66 Sniper Rifle Furniture

IDF Mauser SP66 sniper rifle furniture with the distinctive adjustable cheek rest.  Available in very limited quantities.