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Danish Military Surplus Hensoldt Wetzlar Z24 x4 Scope With G3 Claw Mount

Danish Military Surplus Hensoldt Wetzlar Z24 x4 Scope With G3 Claw Mount

Danish military surplus Hensoldt Wetzlar Z24 scope x4 magnification with G3 claw mount made by Tokyo Marui Japan.  The mark of a crown and under it HTK is the mark of the Army Material Command formerly the Army Technical Corps (Danish: Hærens Tekniske Korps), formed in 1909.  This scope is in very good condition with all lens caps in tact.  The lens glass has small spots that can maybe be cleaned out.  The Hensoldt Wetzlar rifle scope comes with the original carrying case and accessories.

Hensoldt Wetzlar Fero Z24 x4 Scope With Picatinny Mount

Hensoldt Wetzlar Fero Z24 x4 magnification sniper rifle scope with picatinny mount in very good condition and with the original case.  Clear and in tact lenses and reticle.  Made in Germany by Hensoldt Wetzlar catalog number 1240-12-144-0714.
Iveco Diamant 8x40 Field Binoculars

Iveco Diamant 8×40 Field Binoculars

Iveco Diamant 8x40 field binoculars in excellent condition with all lens caps, made in Germany. Writing on the binoculars: Left side: Iveco Diamant/Amber Vergutete Optik (Amber coated optic) Right side: 8x40/114mtr auf 1000mtr (114 meters to 1000 meters)/Winkel 6.5 (Field 6.5 degress)/Nr.50057  

International 12×50 Field Binoculars From Israeli Military Surplus

International 12x50 Field Binoculars From Israeli military surplus with original leather case in very good condition. Clear and clean lenses, coated and triple tested.  5 degree field of view.  Excellent for any outdoor activity.

Israeli Lee Enfield Long Branch No.4 MK1 T Rifle Scope

Israeli Lee Enfield long branch No.4 MK1 T rifle scope made by Goldberg of Tel-Aviv.  This is one of the first prototypes of Israeli made rifle scope made in the late 1940's and early 1950's as Israel planned to self rely on as much weapons and weapon related material as possible and in addition smuggle and later import military surplus firearms from post WW2 Europe.  This Israeli rifle scope is made of brass and includes the original rifle mount.  The outside of the scope has patches of scratched paint, the lenses are in tact and a bit foggy and the reticle is in tact as well.  A rare and unique piece of history.

Steiner Military-Marine 8×30 Field Binoculars From IDF Surplus

Steiner Military-Marine 8x30 field binoculars with the original case from Israeli military surplus.  One of the best field binoculars ever produced by Steiner of Germany and have proven to be rugged, well built and lightweight so that they can be used on military missions, hunting trips, sailing or any other outdoor activity.  Very high optics quality with clear lenses and fantastic focus.

Bausch & Lomb X30 Spotting Scope With Freeland Tripod

Bausch & Lomb X30 spotting scope with Freeland tripod from Israeli military surplus.  The items are in good condition, show wear as this is a 60+ year old item.  Bausch & Lomb B&L logo marked on the scope as well as on the focus knob with writting "Bausch & Lomb Rochester, NY".  This spotting scope was used by the Israeli military as a spotter scope for sniper teams and intelligence gathering. Dimensions: Length: 39 cm Lens diameter: 70 mm Weight: 2.3 Kg
Fujinon Meibo 14X70 IDF Surplus Field Binoculars

Fujinon Meibo 14X70 IDF Surplus Field Binoculars

Fujinon Meibo 14X70 Israeli military surplus field binoculars with their original cases.  These Fuji Fujicon Meibo 14x70 IDF surplus field binoculars are in very good to excellent condition, marine tested for the harshest naval environments and excellent for all outdoor activities. Specifications: Length: 27 cm (10.62 inches) Field of view: 4 deg. Magnification: 14x Objective: 70mm Exit pupil diameter: 5mm (0.19 inch) Brightness: 25 Fields at 1000 Meters: 70m Features include pro prism construction, individual focusing eyepieces, coated optics, one-piece body design.   Dealer pricing is available for large quantity purchases.  Contact Us for more details.
Galil Trilux SUIT Throw Lever Scope Mounts

Dealer Special: Galil, M14, FN MAG 58 and M16 Trilux Scope Mounts

Galil and M16 Trilux SUIT rifle scope mounts from Israeli military surplus available for sale. Model 1: M16 Trilux rifle scope mounts for carry handle - 20 units x $180 each = $3600 Model 2: Galil Trilux L shape side mounted rifle scope mount - 5 units x $210 each = $1050 Model 3: Galil side mount for Trilux scope - 2 units x $210 each = $420 (Sold Out) Model 4: M14 Trilux scope mount - 1 unit x $230 each = $230 Model 5: FN MAG 58 Trilux Scope Side Mount - 4 units x $250 each = $1000 Cost of package will depend on the units available that same day.  Click Contact Us for details.

Nimrod 10×40 Rifle Scope For Sale

SOLD OUT Nimrod 10x40 rifle scope is a very rare item of Israeli military surplus made by Koor Industries of Israel and originally by Hakko of Japan.  The Nimrod scope was used mainly on the M14 and Galil sniper rifles and replaced the old style Wild scopes used on the IDF K98 and IDF Kahles ZF95 scopes used after. This is the last Nimrod scope that we know of in Israel that is available for sale. Some specifics: Bullet drop compensated for the .308/7.62 NATO M118 Sniper round. Magnification of 10-power. Objective diameters: 40 mm. Field of view: 19.6 meters at 300 meters (3 degrees 45 feet). Eye relief is about 3 inches. Two auxiliary crosses, one for aiming at 900 and 1,000 meters, the other for high-trajectory ammunition.  Range estimation with the reticle pattern duplicates that of the (Dragunov Russian sniper rifle).  At the bottom of the field of view is a baseline below five short steps. The step closest to the baseline is marked '10' for 1,000 meters, while the farthest is marked '2' for 200 meters. The three steps in between correspond to 800, 600 and 400 meters in ascending order. Just align the target's groin with the baseline and match the top of his head with the appropriate step. Dial the correct distance into the range drum on top of the scope calibrated in 50-meter clicks from 200 to 800 meters for 7.62x51mm M118 match ammunition and fire. The windage, located on the scope's left side, provides five mils of adjustment to the right or left in 1/2-mil increments. Click here for other Military Surplus Optics

IDF Mauser SP66 Sniper Rifle Scope Mount

The IDF Mauser SP66 sniper rifle scope mount with picatinny rail and with scope rings.

IDF Mauser K98 Sniper Rifle Optics Mount Adapter

Israeli Defense Force (IDF) K98 sniper scope mount adapter for the Nimrod 6x40 mm scopes probably from the late 1970's to early 1980's.  These were made by IMI (Israel Military Industries).  The IDF used FN made Mauser K98 rifles in the 1948 War of Independence where the olive drab 4x Wild-Heerbrugg scope was used in a unique Israeli-made claw type mount.  Later on the optic was replaced by more modern ones such as the Nimrod and an adapter was needed to accommodate it. Dealer pricing is available for the purchase of the whole quantity.  For details click on Contact Us.