Mayer Antiques and Collectibles aims to be one of the leading online antique shops on the internet providing a wide range of antiques from simple collectible to the high quality and rare items that have become harder to find.  As the traditional brick and mortar antique shops close due to changing purchasing patterns from the physical shops to the online ones, we strive to bring you the same antique shop experience and variety.  Our online antiques shop will feature the following items for every budget:

  • Decorative antiques and salvages antique items
  • Militaria from bayonets, swords and knives to personal gear
  • Statues and sculptures of different styles and periods
  • Glassware and ceramics such as vases, decorative plates and figurines.
  • Painting and pictures from oil and water colors to lithographs and others.
  • Lighting in a variety of types from desk and table lamps to standing and wall lights.

As we progress with our online antique shop we will add more items so that every visitor to our website will have antiques and collectibles that he can purchase according to his budget.  We hope that all of the items that we have for sale will find a good home and be appreciated like we do.

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