Mayer Antiques & Collectibles offers a wide and varied selection of genuine military antiques and militaria from WW1 and WW2, older antique militaria as well as modern items for sale. Whether you are looking for military memorabilia for sale to add to your collection, or for a gift, you will find a wide assortment of genuine militaria for sale. Our extensive selection of military collectibles is years in the making since this is our first and true love in the world of antiques and collectibles.

Military Antiques and Militaria Collectibles

The collection of military antiques and other militaria collectibles is a vast and seems to be almost never ending passion that combines history, art, mechanics, patriotism and memories of the military service of those who served.  As avid militaria collectors we know what other military antiques enthusiasts are looking for.  In our website Mayer Antiques and Collectibles we will try and feature as much as possible from the following categories:

  • Antique Edged Weapons – knives, swords and bayonets
  • Armor – helmets, shields, suits of armor
  • Field and personal gear – pouches, belts, holsters, scabbards, combat vests and webbing, binoculars, caps and headgear
  • Decorations – Badges, medals, insignias and documents
  • Militaria Art – Statues, sculptures and plaques
  • Military surplus optics and scopes, accessories

More categories and items will be added as time goes by and our inventory grows.

Making It Easy To Buy Antique Militaria & Military Collectibles

Shopping for your favorite or must have items is simpler than ever.  Although we still love to walk through flea markets and go to antique shops, buying in an online antique shop such as ours will save you time, the aggravation of finding a good parking spot and to some the comfortableness of negotiating for the best price.  When you search the military antiques category in our website you will find items of interest featured with the best photos and details that we could add so that you will get the best visualization of what you will get.  As collectors ourselves we know the importance of the originality and authenticity of items as well as the best depiction of their actual condition.  We will try to describe every blemish and take a photo of it so that you will have no surprises once the items reached your door.  Each items featured will have photos, description, date or year of manufacture, measurements, weight, origin, the material that it is made of and whatever other details we can find about it.

A Safe Place To Purchase Military Antiques

Mayer Antiques & Collectibles seeks to be a leading online antique shop in which militaria items are a major category of items that will be for sale.  We will do this by offering items from the leading military antique dealers and collectors, describing in as much detail as possible every item so that you can be sure of what you are purchasing.  The payment will be made through PayPal insuring a safe, secure and internationally proven payment processing system.  We hope that you will visit us often and purchase from our constantly updated inventory of military antiques and militaria for sale.

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