There comes a time in many men’s’ lives that they want to create their own room or even corner in their house that is just their’s, a place that can be designed and decorates just as they have envisioned so that they can relax and invite friends. These rooms are often named a man cave and the mancave décor ideas are never-ending and ultimately according to the taste of their creator. Decorating a man cave can be a project of hundreds of thousands of dollars if you can afford such a budget, which most of us can’t, and others with a much lower budget. Both budgets include decorative antiques or modern decorating ideas that give the space the feeling the owner wants.

 If you google man cave décor ideas you will see results that you can only dream of: huge rooms with pin ball and video machines, pool tables, huge leather couches, well stocked bars with the finest alcohol, huge screen TVs and sound systems, Jacuzzis and the list goes on. These are man caves that few can afford. The items that we offer in our online antique shop are antiques and collectibles that can be purchased by most people to decorate their space. We offer many mancave design ideas for those who like to decorate their man cave in a nautical/marine/navy feel with ship lighting, a ship captain’s wheel, deep diver’s helmet and many others. Other who like a militaristic man cave decorations can find a wide variety with us of antique edged weapons, sculptures of soldiers and other types of warriors, bronze plaques commemorating famous battles and many other militaria antiques and collectibles. Other man cave ideas are of a world traveler that collected many souvenirs and mementos from his adventures. These can include a wooden elephant from India, A samurai hat from Japan, a silver plate Khanjar dagger from Oman, a beautiful 19th century Turkish bronze tray, a one of a kind statue of Saint Barbara made in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia and the list goes on.

Man cave decorating ideas have a variety as wide as your imagination can take you. We believe that once you put your mind to it, and you have your designate space to do so, you can create for yourself the mancave you always wanted. A place where you can invite friends to watch your favorite sports, watch movies, have parties or a place just for yourself to relax and do the things you love, such as take care of your collection, read and whatever makes you happy in your own handmade little kingdom. We hope that here at Mayer Antiques & Collectibles you may find the decorative antiques for interior design and other items that you are looking for your man cave décor project.

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