Wars and conflicts have been part of humanity right from its beginnings, commemorated on cave walls, on weapons and artifacts and in oral traditions such as songs and stories past on from one generation to the next.  As the human race evolved and technology developed, not only have the wars grown in scope and the number of causalities has increased, but also the ways of commemorating them has become more ornate and elaborate.  The historical militaria plaques, statues and other items that we have on the website for sale to collectors, are a continuation of this tradition of writing and symbolizing the historical battles and personalities for remembrance for the next generations to come and learn from.

Historical Militaria Plaques

We currently have the following historical militaria plaques for sale:

Soviet Russian WW2 plaque for participation in the great patriotic war against Nazi Germany

Iron Plaque of Commemorating the King’s German Legion in the Napoleonic wars

American Veterans of Foreign Wars appreciation plaque

Bronze Plaque of Liberation of Prague in WW2 by Frantisek Bilek

German WW1 Procession of Artillery Soldiers Bronze Plaque By Ludwig Manzel

British War Savings Campaign Plaque Set

Air National Guard operational readiness award plaque

French World War One Commemorative Plaque

USS Maine Memorial Brass Plaque

And more.

Sculptures and Statues Commemorating Historical Events and Figures

The following sculptures and statues commemorating historical events and figures are available for sale:

The Liberator by Sculpture Yevgeny Vuchetich

The Motherland Calls by Sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich

RAF Bronze Bust of Spitfire Pilot Ace Douglas Bader

Aviator Pilot Holding A Propeller Metal Sculpture

And others.

All of these items are highly collectible since they are of course not made any more but also many items are already in collections and are not available for sale.  We believe and know that the prices that are offered are competitive, especially since some of these items are not to be found anywhere else.

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